Aaron accedes at postponed coronation

ROSEWOOD – Prince Aaron, Duke of Edmount became the fourth King of the Band Room on Tuesday afternoon, following a postponement of the ceremony by several days.

King Jacob, who was to abdicate, was over 15 minutes late to the event, raising fears that Aaron, the anticipated successor, would have to craft a complex justification for his reign in the absence of a formal abdication and traditional crowning. The announcement of his arrival brought spectators from around the high school’s music hallway, as well as relief that he had brought his crown.

As Bandish subjects assembled the pyramid-throne of chairs, some ten feet high, the presence of a school administrator raised fears that the event would be put to a stop. The official left after a teacher sympathetic to the Bandish crown explained the tradition.

At last, Jacob ascended the throne and gave a speech declaring his abdication. He described himself as the “worst king” the Band Room Realms have seen, despite his popularity with the masses. He then formally announced that Aaron was his successor.

Aaron made the climb to the top of the chairs and permitted Jacob to crown him, a departure from the custom of the Bandish monarch crowning himself.

In accordance with tradition, the new king’s first speech appointed officials of his court and gave his first laws.

Thanking the man who had been the Realms’ constable for three years, beginning with the rule of Franklin and ending with his graduation, Aaron appointed one of his close friends to that post. He made another friend the new Viceroy of the Band Room, a position similar to Counselor of State in certain other monarchies, which he had previously held himself.

The new laws given at the ceremony included a censure of a former king, Seth, and an expansion of the claimed sphere of influence by the extraterritorial monarchy.

The new Bandish king’s brother is King Adam of Überstadt. The two have reportedly begun discussion of the Überstadti relationship with this unusual cultural group.

Band Room King to abdicate Friday; Aaron of Überstadt probable successor

ROSEWOOD – King Jacob of the local cultural group known as the Band Room Realms declared Thursday night that his abdication and accompanying coronation of his successor would take place the next day. Prince Aaron, Duke of Edmount and heir to the Überstadti throne, is widely anticipated to be named the fourth King of the Band Room.

The Bandish monarchy, established by King Franklin in 2012, is a now-customary institution among performing arts students at Mountlake Terrace High School. Each new monarch is a band student and incoming senior at the school, who abdicates at the end of the academic year in favor of the successor of their choice from the lower class. The coronation involves the new ruler ascending a pyramid made of chairs and crowning themselves.

Jacob is the second consecutive Bandish leader to announce his abdication on extremely short notice. His predecessor, Seth, called for the coronation just hours before the event was held.

Prince Aaron has been the Überstadti envoy to the Bandish court under two kings’ reigns, and many both inside and outside the bands have predicted for years that he would eventually accede. Although Jacob is to officially name the next ruler tomorrow, rumors that Aaron is the king’s favorite for succession were supported by the fact that the ceremony was first announced privately to him.

King Adam of Überstadt will attend the coronation, as will Kara, the Baroness Rosewood and mother to the Überstadti royals. If Aaron ascends chair pyramid tomorrow, she will be the first parent of a Bandish monarch to witness their child’s coronation.

Very few alternate candidates for the kingship are known, none of which are women, despite the fact that there has not yet been a Queen of the Band Room.

Überstadt, Doria pledge Nepal aid

ROSEWOOD – The leaders of Überstadt and Doria have pledged aid packages from each of their countries to Nepal in the wake of lethal earthquakes.

The Überstadti and Dorian contributions are to be sent to a Red Cross fund dedicated to responding to the disaster, which has killed more than 3,000 people.

King Adam I of Überstadt announced his intention to send aid a statement on his government’s Facebook page Sunday night, expressing his “sadness” at the crisis and pledging that “Überstadt will send aid this week.”

The April session of Überstadti Parliament will be held Thursday, and a bill authorizing relief spending is expected to pass unanimously.

Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria promised funds in a private conversation with the king shortly after the Überstadti announcement, despite the practical nonexistence of regular income to her state.

“As tight as money can get in Doria, it hurts my heart to know there are others so much worse off,” Ms. Grimes told the Chronicle when asked for comment.

“I know my contribution is small, but I hope it will help nonetheless.”

Several micronations have joined the throng of governments expressing sympathies for the victims of the tremors, with some also stating their willingness to contribute financially to the international response.

Notably, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia said that his government “will support relief efforts in every way [they] can.”

Molossia has been generous with contributing to disaster relief in the past, which has begun to influence Überstadti policy.

“The last time Überstadt reached out to those in other lands was after the Oso landslide,” King Adam said, referring to a disaster that occurred in his home county in the United States last year.

“We now have so much more in our coffers than we did then, and we ought to follow the example of those nations which help however much they can. I will make foreign aid a higher priority for Überstadt.”

King returns from MicroCon amid media attention

ROSEWOOD – His Majesty King Adam has returned from MicroCon 2015, which has received substantial media attention.

MicroCon, held in Anaheim, California, was the largest ever North American gathering of micronationalists, organized by President Kevin Baugh of Molossia. Other notable attendees included Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, King Christopher of Vikesland, and Queen Carolyn of Ladonia.

King Adam was accompanied to the conference and associated ball, the MicroCon Cotillion, by Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria.

The conference and ball were held on Saturday, 11 April, at the Anaheim Central Library and Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim, respectively.

At the conference, many national leaders spoke on their nations and set up displays about them around the room. King Adam addressed those assembled on the history of Überstadt, the nature of its participatory democracy and economy, and its recent progress. Dictator Grimes set up a display about Doria.

The entire physical territory of the Free Ambulatory States of Obsidia, two pieces of obsidian, were also present at the conference.

That evening, most of those who were present at MicroCon attended the MicroCon Cotillion, which consisted of a dinner and ball.

At the Cotillion, King Adam was granted a knighthood in the Order of King Henry the Lion by Queen Anastasia of Ruritania.

The event received substantial media attention, and has been reported on by National Public Radio, the New York Daily News, and the Independent, among many other publications. A portrait of King Adam, including an overview of Überstadt, was featured in the Instagram feed of the American Association of Retired Persons, the first macronational media attention ever given the Kingdom.

MicroCon was the first multilateral conference ever personally attened by King Adam, and the first diplomatic visit by Dictator Grimes outside of Überstadt.

Jacob enthroned as King of the Band Room

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 11 June, a Bandish friend of the Überstadti royals, Jacob, was enthroned as the third King of the Band Room upon the abdication of King Seth, a former military leader in Überstadt.

The event was not previously announced by Seth, and so was unplanned. All guests were hurriedly gathered a few minutes prior to the ceremony.

After the conclusion of classes at Mountlake Terrace High School, members of the royal court of the Band Room Realms gathered in the band room itself, accompanied by representatives of other performing arts at the school. As is customary, a pyramidal throne of chairs was constructed, from which Seth delivered his final speech and announced his abdication.

As fanfares played, Jacob ascended the pyramid and sat atop it, those present acclaiming him as not only King of the Band Room, but King of the Band Hall, encompassing the entire performing arts hallway. This variation from the original nature of the Bandish monarchy was likely fueled by Seth’s claim of sovereignty over the entire corridor during his abdication address. Members of the choir, orchestra, and theatre department joined in the cries of “Long live the King!”

Jacob is the first King of the Band Room to have been enthroned rather than crowned, due to the short notice with which the ceremony took place. The Bandish crown is kept in trust by His Majesty’s Überstadti Navy. As all present recognized Jacob’s kingship, the missing portion of the traditional coronation in which the king ordinarily crowns himself is not considered to jeopardize the legitimacy of his reign.

King Adam, who was informed by telephone of these happenings while away in Lynnwood, expressed pleasure at learning the identity of the new ruler. The two monarchs are expected to schedule a summit to occur sometime during June.

King’s statement on New South Scotland

The King of Überstadt, Rosewood.

Having become aware of an unfolding crisis involving the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New South Scotland, the Kingdom of Überstadt is greatly concerned about present conditions. It is our view that these events are a threat to the image and credibility of all states of our class, and we further find reprehensible the vitriolic language that has been employed during the course of the present dispute.

Although our state has a long history of impartiality in international relations, in this case, the evidence is clear enough that an act of aggression has been committed by the forces of Queen Astrid. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Überstadt condemns the Commonwealth of Zealandia and calls upon Her Majesty to remove her forces from New South Scotland and return the same to civilian rule at the soonest possible time.

With respect to the Empire of Austenasia, we exhort their leaders to refrain from criticizing the internal governance of Zealandia at this time.

We call upon the belligerent parties to meet and negotiate the peaceful solution of this matter with calm words and sober brains.

King speaks at Sandum conference

KREMLUM SANDUS – Saturday, HM King Adam attended and addressed via Skype the 2013 Conference of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus (CCPS), which was hailed as a great success by attendees.

The CCPS hosted this year’s conference in lieu of its ordinary Party Congress, inviting leftist leaders from several other states, each of whom had the opportunity to deliver their own address.

HSM Richard, Basileus of Burnham, gave an overview of the history and state of Theodorism. Sebastian Linden, a member of the Federal Council of Francisville, then discussed the politically-neutral yet progressive constitution of his state. He was followed first by HM Ciprian, King of Juclandia, explaining the social roots of Juclandian socialism, then by HM Haakon, King of Zealandia, who spoke on the concept of Jåfæðaärstefnå, translated as “togetherness,” as the basis for Zealandian social democracy.

Adam was the closing speaker. He described Überstadti history as a series of democratic revolutions resulting from pragmatic concerns, emphasizing the stability that Überstadti maintained through what he termed “accelerated reform.” He then summarized the Kingdom’s recent transition to socialism, concluding by stating that “the best changes are those that empower the citizenry as a whole.”

His Majesty’s speech was well-received, described later by S8gm8 Will Soergel as the most applauded. Linden described it as “enlightening,” speculating that “Überstadt may be the first micronation to fully transition from capitalism to socialism through instruments of law.”

The S8gm8 was profusely thanked by all attendees for his organization of the conference. The Austenasian Emperor was also thanked by the Überstadti and Burnhamite delegates for his flagship ideology’s influence.

Political and academic discussion between addresses resulted in the creation of the Intermicronational Leftist Forum on the new micronation.org forum, as well as providing talking points for future discussion between the attendees, with topics ranging from micronational applications of macronational association law to types of industries suitable for small-scale economies.

The conference as a whole was regarded by all participants as successful and productive. Possible future follow-up meetings are being considered.

Chief gendarme appointed Band Room successor

HAWK CITY – King Franklin of the Band Room has appointed Seth, Second Baron Ballinger and Marshal of the Royal Überstadti Gendarmerie, as his successor.

The Band Room Realms, a young micronation located in the former Überstadti capital of Hawk City, have been ruled since their foundation by Franklin, who acceded by acclamation in June 2012. Franklin is expected to abdicate following his high school graduation in June, upon which both he and King Adam of Überstadt will cease to have regular business at Hawk City.

Seth, who was involved in the accession of both Franklin through his enthronement last year and Adam through the November Revolution, has led the Royal Gendarmerie since April. He has held no prior positions of importance in the Band Room Realms, even being at times the kingdom’s scapegoat, with Franklin’s constables permitted to strike him at will. On this surprise appointment, the current sovereign described Seth as being “just like [him],” asserting him to be the most viable potential successor.

Seth’s coronation, in imitation of the ad hoc ceremony in which Franklin was invested with his present office, is expected to be held the second week of June. If it follows the model of the first such event with exactness, it will involve the construction of a large throne in the center of the Realms and the new monarch crowing himself with headgear of aluminum foil.

Royal statement on the Amagerian affair

It has been officially announced that the nation of Hobartstown and Victoria, led by Luke Albertschine, has seceded from the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager. The Kingdom of Überstadt has had for some time a very close relationship with the Amagerian government, catalyzed by our common policies, common ideals, and the all-important factor (among micronations) of a good personal relationship between the leaders. Mr. Albertschine is a friend of mine, and was key in the cultivation of our states’ relations.

Let it be known that this change in the status quo will not disrupt the continuity of Überstadti diplomacy. So long as the new Amagerian government is willing, we will carry on with the joint projects our governments are involved in. We will wholeheartedly support the new legitimately elected government in their endeavors. I wish to extend to First Minister Simpson in particular my good wishes as he turns his attention to ushering in a new era of national politics.

The Kingdom of Überstadt also officially recognizes the independent Hobartstown and Victoria, and will soon extend a hand of friendship in the form of a treaty to demonstrate our dedication to preserving ALL previous ties. We encourage all micronations that recognize Amager to recognize this newly independent state as well, and also hope to engage in productive cooperation with this government. It is our hope that Saint Luke and Amager and Hobartstown and Victoria will correspond with each other on good terms, and it is our pleasure to be partners with both.

Micronations affected by hurricane; status reports come in

This article will be updated as more information regarding affected micronations becomes available. Last updated Friday 0:00 GMT.

NORTHEASTERN UNITED STATES – Last night, Sandy, a Category 1 hurricane, made landfall near the New York metropolitan area. Sandy, which has been dubbed by macronational media a “superstorm,” is expected to continue inland, colliding with a massive cold front and possibly going as far west as Chicago.

Extensive flooding has been reported in New York City itself, as well as northern New Jersey. Millions of Americans in the region are without electricity, and thousands are isolated by high waters. At least twenty people have been killed in the United States.

Affected by the storm are a number of micronations, including several from the MicroWiki community. Sandus, Ultamiya, Tiana, Westsylvania, Florenia, Brogenia, and Amager are all known to have felt Sandy’s effects. Those nations without electricity will likely be able to communicate by Thursday.

Amager: The Federal Commonwealth of Saint Luke and Amager, in the metropolitan area of northern New Jersey, received storm-force winds and heavy rain. Lucien Albertschine, Prime Minister, has not yet been able to report the level of damage in Amager, which is believed to be without electricity.

Brogenia: The Independent Republic of Brogenia received high winds and heavy rain. Some trees were downed by the winds, and electricity was out for a brief period.

Florenia: The Kingdom of Florenia’s territory in Connecticut experienced elevated levels of wind and rain. Prince Nathan reports “minimal” damage.

Sandus: The State of Sandus, in Maryland, was minimally affected by the storm. S8gm8 Will Soergel reported that the effect of Sandy on Kremlum Sandus was “mostly rain.”

Tiana: The Republic of Tiana, on Long Island, New York, suffered high winds and heavy rains. President Joseph Puglisi reported that many trees were down.  One province still remains without electricity.

Ultamiya: The Republic of Ultamiya, located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received elevated levels of wind and rain, but suffered no substantial damage. President David Salapa reported that the Ultamian flag remained flying through the entire night.

Westsylvania: Westsylvania, in northern Pennsylvania, received elevated levels of wind and rain. Head of State Mac Coat reported that his nation had suffered minor flooding and a small number of downed trees.