Diplomabear received by Überstadt

BELLINGHAM, Washington – Überstadt has received diplomatic stuffed toy Angus Diplomabear in the mail, and King Adam has formally welcomed him at Consulate Bellingham.

Diplomabear, who first began travelling between micronations in 2012, was long in the possession of Samuel Azehtyla, formerly of Renasia. After spending two years in Ohio, the plushy’s journey continued when the Grand Unified Micronational created a rota for further travel and requested that Azehtyla send the bear to Überstadt, the first country on the GUM list.

The package containing Diplomabear arrived at Rosewood several days ago. A visit to the King by his parents tonight brought the bear to Bellingham. King Adam says he hopes to take Diplomabear around Bellingham, Seattle, and some of Überstadt’s territories.

Diplomabear at Consulate Bellingham.

ÜNN changed to private venture among Northwestern nations


Überstadt National News is now defunct, having been changed into a private, independent news service operated collaboratively by citizens of Überstadt and Doria. This new service is called the Occidental Chronicle, and all old ÜNN content may still be found on this site.

The Chronicle, both online and in a physical format, is going to frequently publish news from around the community, but especially about Pacific Northwest nations. We intend to regularly publish editorials, as well, and you are invited to submit letters to us for consideration to publish. We also invite you to send us any news tips that you would like to see given coverage by us.

The staff of the Chronicle are dedicated to objective reporting, insightful analysis, and intelligent discourse. As our publication enters its new form, we look forward to sharing our work with you.

– The editors