Large gains in New Cascadian charity

Editor’s note: The Chronicle is pleased to have started reporting news from the Canadian nation of New Cascadia. Readers are invited to learn more about this Northwestern nation here.

HANEY – New Cascadia’s charity ministry has already overseen the donation of well over triple its annual goal under the leadership of Prince Riis, whom Queen Kirsten appointed the first Minister of Charitable Affairs last year.

Riis set 2016’s target for government philanthropy at $100 Canadian, with funds garnered for charitable causes by the prince’s own effort collecting cans and bottles for recycling. A total of $360 has been donated so far, with $320 going to the Terry Fox Foundation and $40 to the Junior Diabetes Research Fund.

The minister has now increased the goal for giving this year to $500 and added Children’s Hospital of Vancouver, BC to the list of beneficiaries.

Medical charities will not remain the only recipients of New Cascadian aid, however. In recognition of World Refugee Day, the charitable affairs ministry pledges to make donations to the UN World Refugee Fund every 20 June.

Prince Riis has said that he is “thankful for the opportunity to serve the denizens of the world,” and is known to be especially proud of the government’s commitment to mitigating refugee crises.