New naval craft tested in Überstadt

ROSEWOOD – A new amphibious warfare boat was sea-tested by Überstadt’s navy Monday evening, spending much of its brief voyage in Überstadti waters around Edmount Island. The craft will replace the one destroyed in last August’s gale.

The vessel, crewed by Vice Admiral von Friedeck and King Adam himself, circled Lake Ballinger and surveyed the shores of Edmount Island. It was declared ready for naval service by those on board.

Like its predecessor, HMNS Bergstrom, this craft is an inflatable dinghy, but is a longer model with a rigid floor. Upon its commissioning, it will likely be christened HMNS Duke of Edmount.

Storm-damaged HMN ship scrapped

ROSEWOOD – Earlier this month, His Majesty’s Überstadti Navy scrapped its amphibious landing craft, reducing the national fleet to a single vessel.

HMNS Bergstrom was severely damaged at sea last August, when the Überstadti fleet sailed through a gale. The inflatable craft received multiple gashes in the storm, rendering one of its two tubes useless. After its return to George Naval Base in Rosewood, it sat in storage until being judged beyond repair, at which time it was scrapped.

Bergstrom was used as a tender for the Überstadti navy’s flagship sailing patrol boat, HMNS Bert George, as well as for operations in Lake Ballinger. Admiral Michael von Friedeck has commenced a search for a new amphibious operations vessel.