Diplomabear received by Überstadt

BELLINGHAM, Washington – Überstadt has received diplomatic stuffed toy Angus Diplomabear in the mail, and King Adam has formally welcomed him at Consulate Bellingham.

Diplomabear, who first began travelling between micronations in 2012, was long in the possession of Samuel Azehtyla, formerly of Renasia. After spending two years in Ohio, the plushy’s journey continued when the Grand Unified Micronational created a rota for further travel and requested that Azehtyla send the bear to Überstadt, the first country on the GUM list.

The package containing Diplomabear arrived at Rosewood several days ago. A visit to the King by his parents tonight brought the bear to Bellingham. King Adam says he hopes to take Diplomabear around Bellingham, Seattle, and some of Überstadt’s territories.

Diplomabear at Consulate Bellingham.

Consulate Bellingham re-established

BELLINGHAM, Washington – King Adam of Überstadt again took up residence at Western Washington University today, re-establishing his country’s Bellingham consulate in his quarters.

Consulate Bellingham, as it is known to the Überstadti government, was established in January of this year when the king began to attend WWU. It was closed during the summer months while he resided at Rosewood.

Überstadt uses the consulate to conduct official business involving the third of its citizenry that lives in Bellingham and to represent the kingdom, while also serving as the de facto seat of government while Adam is present.

King invites Austenasia, Sandus to talks

ROSEWOOD – Today, King Adam sent letters to the leaders of Austenasia and Sandus, inviting them to attend Überstadt-brokered peace talks.

Überstadt has long considered the two invited states its closest international partners. During this summer’s conflict that caused the two to sever diplomatic ties, Adam consistently expressed a wish for their reconciliation. The last public statement he made on the matter, though, did not explicitly mention Überstadti support for a new agreement between the feuding nations.

The king is now very public in his calls for some level of rapprochement between Austenasia and Sandus.

“I do not expect these two countries to become friends again,” he told the Chronicle. “What I seek is the resumption of diplomatic relations and the creation of an agreement that will prevent further conflict in the long term.”

Whether either invited government will accept Überstadt’s offer is open to question, with Adam saying he has received no immediate response to the letters. He expressed confidence that they would come to the table, however:

“I have faith that Sandus and Austenasia will both make the right decision to come together and settle this issue to some reasonable extent. We have seen in the past how conflicts without proper resolutions can flare up later, so I believe these talks are necessary for the community’s welfare.”

King Adam’s statement on foreign relations

1 August 2016, Rosewood

By the King

It is with sadness that I acknowledge the rift, perhaps irreparable, that now exists between Überstadt’s two closest allies, Austenasia and Sandus. All my fellow citizens who understand the importance of our relationships with each knows of the difficult place our Kingdom has been put into by this crisis. Despite this challenge, it is Überstadt’s full intention to continue all diplomatic policies and programs now undertaken to secure our national interests.

We are disappointed by some of the actions performed and rhetoric employed by members of both the Austenasian and Sandum governments against one another in the past month. We believe that both states lost sight of the importance of peacemaking in relations among small states such as ours. However, we do not intend to sanction or punish our friends for what we perceive as mistakes made in the heat of a highly emotional conflict. With a spirit of goodwill, we shall seek to reconcile as necessary with each of them, and shall strive for the continuation of productive relations with each.

Überstadt shall continue its strategic partnership with Austenasia in the Edmount’s Finger Valley and shall continue to seek opportunities for developing a trade relationship with the Empire. We believe that such pursuits can help both of our states develop culturally significant domestic industries.

We shall also maintain our membership in the Social System shared by Kumano, Sandus, and Überstadt, and look forward to further high-level talks on the future of this association. We shall continue cultural and academic projects with Sandus to help us better articulate our independent sense of nationality and promote the serious study of micropatriology.

While Überstadt remains dismayed at the rejection of our Sandum allies from membership in the Grand Unified Micronational for what we believe to be deeply flawed reasons, as a corollary to Sandus’s agreement not to make further complaints about the outcome of the vote, we intend to refrain from future protest. As always, we respect the finality of the Quorum’s decisions. Though disturbed by aspects of the private campaign undertaken against Sandus by certain officers of the organization, we shall maintain our membership and do not intend to let these complicated events negatively affect official relations with involved states.

Speaking personally, I wish to thank the friends who expressed confidence in my advice and decisions during the month of July, and all others who have been sensitive to the delicate position Überstadt occupied during recent crises. Even when our community’s behavior turns ugly, I know I still have friends in you all.


Überstadt joins the revived GUM

BELLINGHAM, Washington – King Adam issued a declaration Tuesday night ratifying the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), making Überstadt a full member of the resurrected organization.

This decision marks a reversal of longstanding Überstadti policy against membership in plenary international organizations. When consulting citizens before the ratification, Adam asked them “to reconsider [the policy] at this time.”

“There is a serious problem right now of socializing new micronationalists into the community,” he explained, going on to echo the new GUM Charter’s language on improving new nations’ contributions to the community. Such rhetoric reflects the king’s commitment to bettering micronationalism as a movement, which gained significance in Überstadti foreign policy following Adam’s attendance of MicroCon 2015.

The king said that GUM membership could increase Überstadt’s ability to be a positive influence on the community, and faced no opposition to joining the organization.

Überstadt’s history with the GUM is complicated. It became an observer state during the group’s last active period in 2011 as a way to monitor diplomatic goings-on in the MicroWiki community. It later became a provisional member to actively participate in the organization. The 2012 scandal, which saw Sandus and Juclandia expelled in a political feud with GUM leadership, prompted Adam to resign Überstadti membership.

The king was initially skeptical of the revival, initiated by Austenasia’s Emperor Jonathan I, but now appears very interested in the renewed GUM’s success.

26 states are involved in the revival, and at press time, 12 have ratified the new charter. Upon the 18th ratification, the charter will take effect.

Überstadt joins ag pact treaty

BELLINGHAM, Washington – On Sunday night, King Adam gave assent to the International Agricultural Development Pact Treaty, an agreement forming a loose organization of states seeking to share information to develop their agricultural sectors.

The group’s foundation was led by Leylandiistan & Gurvata, and Überstadt joined at the invitation of Roseland’s premier. The pact has six founding members, all of which are in the midst of improving their domestic agriculture.

The king says that membership in this group will help Überstadti growers learn from the experiences of nations with more advanced farming operations.

New Überstadti consulate opened as king moves to university

BELLINGHAM, Washington – On Sunday evening, Überstadt established a consulate in Bellingham, Washington, 20 miles south of the US – Canada border. The mission occupies King Adam’s dormitory space at Western Washington University, where he has commenced studies.

Consulate Bellingham, the second opened by the kingdom, will serve the city’s sizable expatriate Überstadti population, amounting to a third of all citizens.

Adam has entered the university as a junior, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in history.

Überstadt joins Alcatraz Treaty

ROSEWOOD – In the opening seconds of 2016, King Adam of Überstadt brought in the new year by signing the Alcatraz Environmental Treaty, which has been ratified by many other micronations and related entities.

Adam moved for Überstadti ratification of the treaty following an end-of-year appeal by Princess Olivia of Aigues-mortes for as many nations as possible to accede to it. It has become the largest environmental treaty in micronational history, with a growing number of signatories that cannot be precisely tallied at press time, though estimated to number at least 15 and rising.

The Alcatraz Treaty was drafted at PoliNation 2015: The 3rd International Conference of Micronations, hosted by the Free Republic of Alcatraz. Delegations from nine countries signed the agreement at the conference on 5 July. It calls upon signatories to conserve natural resources and support localized economic activity, declares their belief that Antarctica must remain a scientific preserve, and demands reparations from “large landed nations” for land lost to rising sea levels.

King Adam signed a copy of the treaty, which will be sent to President Jacopo Fo of Alcatraz, the official repository of the original document.

Überstadt, Doria pledge Nepal aid

ROSEWOOD – The leaders of Überstadt and Doria have pledged aid packages from each of their countries to Nepal in the wake of lethal earthquakes.

The Überstadti and Dorian contributions are to be sent to a Red Cross fund dedicated to responding to the disaster, which has killed more than 3,000 people.

King Adam I of Überstadt announced his intention to send aid a statement on his government’s Facebook page Sunday night, expressing his “sadness” at the crisis and pledging that “Überstadt will send aid this week.”

The April session of Überstadti Parliament will be held Thursday, and a bill authorizing relief spending is expected to pass unanimously.

Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria promised funds in a private conversation with the king shortly after the Überstadti announcement, despite the practical nonexistence of regular income to her state.

“As tight as money can get in Doria, it hurts my heart to know there are others so much worse off,” Ms. Grimes told the Chronicle when asked for comment.

“I know my contribution is small, but I hope it will help nonetheless.”

Several micronations have joined the throng of governments expressing sympathies for the victims of the tremors, with some also stating their willingness to contribute financially to the international response.

Notably, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia said that his government “will support relief efforts in every way [they] can.”

Molossia has been generous with contributing to disaster relief in the past, which has begun to influence Überstadti policy.

“The last time Überstadt reached out to those in other lands was after the Oso landslide,” King Adam said, referring to a disaster that occurred in his home county in the United States last year.

“We now have so much more in our coffers than we did then, and we ought to follow the example of those nations which help however much they can. I will make foreign aid a higher priority for Überstadt.”

King returns from MicroCon amid media attention

ROSEWOOD – His Majesty King Adam has returned from MicroCon 2015, which has received substantial media attention.

MicroCon, held in Anaheim, California, was the largest ever North American gathering of micronationalists, organized by President Kevin Baugh of Molossia. Other notable attendees included Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, King Christopher of Vikesland, and Queen Carolyn of Ladonia.

King Adam was accompanied to the conference and associated ball, the MicroCon Cotillion, by Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria.

The conference and ball were held on Saturday, 11 April, at the Anaheim Central Library and Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim, respectively.

At the conference, many national leaders spoke on their nations and set up displays about them around the room. King Adam addressed those assembled on the history of Überstadt, the nature of its participatory democracy and economy, and its recent progress. Dictator Grimes set up a display about Doria.

The entire physical territory of the Free Ambulatory States of Obsidia, two pieces of obsidian, were also present at the conference.

That evening, most of those who were present at MicroCon attended the MicroCon Cotillion, which consisted of a dinner and ball.

At the Cotillion, King Adam was granted a knighthood in the Order of King Henry the Lion by Queen Anastasia of Ruritania.

The event received substantial media attention, and has been reported on by National Public Radio, the New York Daily News, and the Independent, among many other publications. A portrait of King Adam, including an overview of Überstadt, was featured in the Instagram feed of the American Association of Retired Persons, the first macronational media attention ever given the Kingdom.

MicroCon was the first multilateral conference ever personally attened by King Adam, and the first diplomatic visit by Dictator Grimes outside of Überstadt.