Economy ministry releases 2021 horticulture report

AUSTIN, Texas – The Ministry for the Economy has released a report on Überstadt’s horticulture in 2021. It is the government’s first official summary of domestic production since the formation of the Common Economy with Sandus in 2019.

The ministry reported that gardens in Rosewood yielded 20 kilograms (44 pounds of food) in the 2021 growing season. The most abundant product was red raspberries, accounting for roughly 37% of the harvest. The report highlighted recent crop diversification enabled by a move toward container gardening for vegetables and other non-berry produce.

Garden workers distributed the harvest among citizens and their friends and neighbors. They froze some berries for use at major holiday celebrations and plan to explore more ways to preserve surplus produce next year.

Since the ratification of the Second Common Economy Treaty earlier this year, all horticulture in Überstadt has occurred under the auspices of Tellus, a cooperative operating in both Überstadt and Sandus. In an introduction to the report, King Adam discussed the importance of horticulture in both Überstadt’s national economy and the shared Common Economy.