Parliament passes Renewal Act, giving government clean slate

“Obsolete” laws repealed, Parliament moved to semiannual meetings, Social System citizens granted equal rights

SEATTLE – As part of King Adam I’s agenda to reinvigorate Überstadt’s social life and government, Parliament approved this last Sunday a constitutional bill that repeals most existing law and changes how the legislature operates.

The Renewal Act, written and sponsored by the King, repeals all prior Acts of Parliament except the Constitution Act, which is the foundation of Überstadt’s uncodified constitution. The new statute’s full title refers to “repealing obsolete legislation.”

Much of the act changes the rules governing Parliament. Most significantly, the body must meet at least twice a year in synchronous meetings instead of existing as an online chat or forum. Parliament remains a direct assembly of Überstadti citizens, so there are provisions for absentee participation in debate and voting.

The act also states that citizens of Überstadt through the Social System partnership with Sandus share equal rights of citizenship. This establishes reciprocity of “social citizen” rights between the two states, as Überstadti citizens have long been able to vote and hold high office in Sandus.

Under the new law, the King must present Parliament with a comprehensive bill on citizenship within three months. In the interim, he may grant naturalization at his pleasure.

The King also gains certain powers that he says will allow the government to function fully between meetings of Parliament. During the body’s recesses, he may annex territory and appoint cabinet ministers. These actions still need parliamentary approval, but they are now effective immediately and subject to a confirming vote at the next legislative meeting.

With similar rationale, royal power to declare states of emergency without consulting Parliament is expanded. States of emergency declared by the King may last up to three months before requiring parliamentary approval, lengthened from one week under previous law.

In meetings with cabinet members and political advisors in recent months, the King has emphasized the need for many of these reforms to make Überstadt more engaging for citizens and sustainable. He has indicated his belief that Überstadt’s existing laws were inconsistent and largely irrelevant, necessitating a complete overhaul.

In Parliament, the King also proposed that the change in format for Parliament “will allow Parliament to become a social occasion, perhaps coinciding with major holidays.” This aligns with his stated goal of a more vibrant social and cultural scene in Überstadt.

The expansion of social citizen rights also corresponds to growing collaboration between Überstadt and Sandus, especially ongoing economic integration talks.