King invites Austenasia, Sandus to talks

ROSEWOOD – Today, King Adam sent letters to the leaders of Austenasia and Sandus, inviting them to attend Überstadt-brokered peace talks.

Überstadt has long considered the two invited states its closest international partners. During this summer’s conflict that caused the two to sever diplomatic ties, Adam consistently expressed a wish for their reconciliation. The last public statement he made on the matter, though, did not explicitly mention Überstadti support for a new agreement between the feuding nations.

The king is now very public in his calls for some level of rapprochement between Austenasia and Sandus.

“I do not expect these two countries to become friends again,” he told the Chronicle. “What I seek is the resumption of diplomatic relations and the creation of an agreement that will prevent further conflict in the long term.”

Whether either invited government will accept Überstadt’s offer is open to question, with Adam saying he has received no immediate response to the letters. He expressed confidence that they would come to the table, however:

“I have faith that Sandus and Austenasia will both make the right decision to come together and settle this issue to some reasonable extent. We have seen in the past how conflicts without proper resolutions can flare up later, so I believe these talks are necessary for the community’s welfare.”

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