Large gains in New Cascadian charity

Editor’s note: The Chronicle is pleased to have started reporting news from the Canadian nation of New Cascadia. Readers are invited to learn more about this Northwestern nation here.

HANEY – New Cascadia’s charity ministry has already overseen the donation of well over triple its annual goal under the leadership of Prince Riis, whom Queen Kirsten appointed the first Minister of Charitable Affairs last year.

Riis set 2016’s target for government philanthropy at $100 Canadian, with funds garnered for charitable causes by the prince’s own effort collecting cans and bottles for recycling. A total of $360 has been donated so far, with $320 going to the Terry Fox Foundation and $40 to the Junior Diabetes Research Fund.

The minister has now increased the goal for giving this year to $500 and added Children’s Hospital of Vancouver, BC to the list of beneficiaries.

Medical charities will not remain the only recipients of New Cascadian aid, however. In recognition of World Refugee Day, the charitable affairs ministry pledges to make donations to the UN World Refugee Fund every 20 June.

Prince Riis has said that he is “thankful for the opportunity to serve the denizens of the world,” and is known to be especially proud of the government’s commitment to mitigating refugee crises.


Diplomabear received by Überstadt

BELLINGHAM, Washington – Überstadt has received diplomatic stuffed toy Angus Diplomabear in the mail, and King Adam has formally welcomed him at Consulate Bellingham.

Diplomabear, who first began travelling between micronations in 2012, was long in the possession of Samuel Azehtyla, formerly of Renasia. After spending two years in Ohio, the plushy’s journey continued when the Grand Unified Micronational created a rota for further travel and requested that Azehtyla send the bear to Überstadt, the first country on the GUM list.

The package containing Diplomabear arrived at Rosewood several days ago. A visit to the King by his parents tonight brought the bear to Bellingham. King Adam says he hopes to take Diplomabear around Bellingham, Seattle, and some of Überstadt’s territories.

Diplomabear at Consulate Bellingham.

King Adam articulates new Lake Ballinger policy

BELLINGHAM, Washington – For the first time, Überstadt has released a public statement outlining its policy on Lake Ballinger, the body of water containing its first territorial claim. King Adam released this statement to the Chronicle today.

Überstadt’s founders intended to one day occupy Edmount Island, the island at the center of the lake, but Adam’s statement has notably ruled out such a plan. Even so, he assertively defended his country’s claim to sovereignty over the part of its claims known as the Barony of Ballinger.

The full statement may be read below:

17 September 2016, Consulate Bellingham

By the King

The guiding vision behind Überstadt’s foundation was the eventual occupation and permanent settlement of Edmount Island. This goal persisted in national consciousness throughout Überstadt’s early history, and has remained a fantasy until recently, despite our knowledge of the dangers and risks that life on the island would pose.

One might also note our past lack of ecological wisdom in wishing to inhabit our first territory. Pursuing construction and agriculture on Edmount Island would destroy important wildlife habitat and increase the already-high level of pollutants in Lake Ballinger. We regret the absence of foresight in setting the early goal of populating the island.

Today, I declare that it is the policy of the Kingdom of Überstadt to keep Edmount Island uninhabited and undisturbed. We will not permit any settlement or unnecessary visitation by our own people, and will strictly enforce a ban on foreign intrusion except by scientists and American officials helping study and protect the island as it continues to recover from 2009’s fire. We will, as always, permit all peaceful passage through our territorial waters surrounding the island.

In adopting this new approach to policy in Lake Ballinger, we do not abdicate sovereignty over our holdings there. It remains a fact that Übestadt alone has markers of sovereignty on Edmount Island at this moment, and we alone perform safety and security patrols of the waters we claim.

It is our mission to protect Lake Ballinger’s sensitive ecosystem however we may, and by observing this policy, we will do just that.

Consulate Bellingham re-established

BELLINGHAM, Washington – King Adam of Überstadt again took up residence at Western Washington University today, re-establishing his country’s Bellingham consulate in his quarters.

Consulate Bellingham, as it is known to the Überstadti government, was established in January of this year when the king began to attend WWU. It was closed during the summer months while he resided at Rosewood.

Überstadt uses the consulate to conduct official business involving the third of its citizenry that lives in Bellingham and to represent the kingdom, while also serving as the de facto seat of government while Adam is present.

Dead tree cut near Independence Spire

ROSEWOOD – An American company removed most of a dead Douglas fir next to Überstadt’s Independence Spire early this evening. The tree died well over a year ago for unknown reasons, and the Baron Ballinger arranged its disposal.

The fir was not very old, being about a foot in diameter. A stump several feet high was left standing at the request of the environment ministry. Standing deadwood in is known to benefit wildlife in traditionally wooded areas, such as the Puget Sound basin.

Leftover pieces of log will either be exported or used in Überstadt for fuel or building material.

An American tree surgeon cuts the dead fir. The Independence Spire, Überstadt’s only monument, is concealed by the shed. (Photo: The Baroness Rosewood)

King invites Austenasia, Sandus to talks

ROSEWOOD – Today, King Adam sent letters to the leaders of Austenasia and Sandus, inviting them to attend Überstadt-brokered peace talks.

Überstadt has long considered the two invited states its closest international partners. During this summer’s conflict that caused the two to sever diplomatic ties, Adam consistently expressed a wish for their reconciliation. The last public statement he made on the matter, though, did not explicitly mention Überstadti support for a new agreement between the feuding nations.

The king is now very public in his calls for some level of rapprochement between Austenasia and Sandus.

“I do not expect these two countries to become friends again,” he told the Chronicle. “What I seek is the resumption of diplomatic relations and the creation of an agreement that will prevent further conflict in the long term.”

Whether either invited government will accept Überstadt’s offer is open to question, with Adam saying he has received no immediate response to the letters. He expressed confidence that they would come to the table, however:

“I have faith that Sandus and Austenasia will both make the right decision to come together and settle this issue to some reasonable extent. We have seen in the past how conflicts without proper resolutions can flare up later, so I believe these talks are necessary for the community’s welfare.”