King Adam’s statement on foreign relations

1 August 2016, Rosewood

By the King

It is with sadness that I acknowledge the rift, perhaps irreparable, that now exists between Überstadt’s two closest allies, Austenasia and Sandus. All my fellow citizens who understand the importance of our relationships with each knows of the difficult place our Kingdom has been put into by this crisis. Despite this challenge, it is Überstadt’s full intention to continue all diplomatic policies and programs now undertaken to secure our national interests.

We are disappointed by some of the actions performed and rhetoric employed by members of both the Austenasian and Sandum governments against one another in the past month. We believe that both states lost sight of the importance of peacemaking in relations among small states such as ours. However, we do not intend to sanction or punish our friends for what we perceive as mistakes made in the heat of a highly emotional conflict. With a spirit of goodwill, we shall seek to reconcile as necessary with each of them, and shall strive for the continuation of productive relations with each.

Überstadt shall continue its strategic partnership with Austenasia in the Edmount’s Finger Valley and shall continue to seek opportunities for developing a trade relationship with the Empire. We believe that such pursuits can help both of our states develop culturally significant domestic industries.

We shall also maintain our membership in the Social System shared by Kumano, Sandus, and Überstadt, and look forward to further high-level talks on the future of this association. We shall continue cultural and academic projects with Sandus to help us better articulate our independent sense of nationality and promote the serious study of micropatriology.

While Überstadt remains dismayed at the rejection of our Sandum allies from membership in the Grand Unified Micronational for what we believe to be deeply flawed reasons, as a corollary to Sandus’s agreement not to make further complaints about the outcome of the vote, we intend to refrain from future protest. As always, we respect the finality of the Quorum’s decisions. Though disturbed by aspects of the private campaign undertaken against Sandus by certain officers of the organization, we shall maintain our membership and do not intend to let these complicated events negatively affect official relations with involved states.

Speaking personally, I wish to thank the friends who expressed confidence in my advice and decisions during the month of July, and all others who have been sensitive to the delicate position Überstadt occupied during recent crises. Even when our community’s behavior turns ugly, I know I still have friends in you all.



New naval craft tested in Überstadt

ROSEWOOD – A new amphibious warfare boat was sea-tested by Überstadt’s navy Monday evening, spending much of its brief voyage in Überstadti waters around Edmount Island. The craft will replace the one destroyed in last August’s gale.

The vessel, crewed by Vice Admiral von Friedeck and King Adam himself, circled Lake Ballinger and surveyed the shores of Edmount Island. It was declared ready for naval service by those on board.

Like its predecessor, HMNS Bergstrom, this craft is an inflatable dinghy, but is a longer model with a rigid floor. Upon its commissioning, it will likely be christened HMNS Duke of Edmount.