Überstadt joins the revived GUM

BELLINGHAM, Washington – King Adam issued a declaration Tuesday night ratifying the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), making Überstadt a full member of the resurrected organization.

This decision marks a reversal of longstanding Überstadti policy against membership in plenary international organizations. When consulting citizens before the ratification, Adam asked them “to reconsider [the policy] at this time.”

“There is a serious problem right now of socializing new micronationalists into the community,” he explained, going on to echo the new GUM Charter’s language on improving new nations’ contributions to the community. Such rhetoric reflects the king’s commitment to bettering micronationalism as a movement, which gained significance in Überstadti foreign policy following Adam’s attendance of MicroCon 2015.

The king said that GUM membership could increase Überstadt’s ability to be a positive influence on the community, and faced no opposition to joining the organization.

Überstadt’s history with the GUM is complicated. It became an observer state during the group’s last active period in 2011 as a way to monitor diplomatic goings-on in the MicroWiki community. It later became a provisional member to actively participate in the organization. The 2012 scandal, which saw Sandus and Juclandia expelled in a political feud with GUM leadership, prompted Adam to resign Überstadti membership.

The king was initially skeptical of the revival, initiated by Austenasia’s Emperor Jonathan I, but now appears very interested in the renewed GUM’s success.

26 states are involved in the revival, and at press time, 12 have ratified the new charter. Upon the 18th ratification, the charter will take effect.

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