Bellingham farming plan hits obstacle

BELLINGHAM, Washington – The Überstadti government’s proposal to establish an agricultural colony at Western Washington University has hit a roadblock. The community garden in which the kingdom applied for a plot has no available land.

King Adam decided last month to seek a parcel of the Outback Farm to annex as a colony and use as an agricultural center for Überstadti citizens living in Bellingham. After applying to the farm’s authorities last week for rights to a plot, he was informed that none was available. The Outback management placed him on a waiting list of applicants.

Bellingham’s Überstadti population does not need to farm for food, but all expressed an interest in working the land to grow some of their own produce. The king also noted that work done in a colony within the Outback, which only allows organic growing practices, could have helped develop more environmentally-friendly techniques to use at the farm in Rosewood.

Überstadt’s government is hopeful that it will be able to establish its farm colony in the near future, and is investigating other options for agriculture in Bellingham.