King Adam issues January government report

BELLINGHAM, Washington – King Adam of Überstadt has published a report to Parliament on his government’s January activities, the first document of its kind. The entirety of this report is printed below.


In the first month of 2016, the Überstadti government has remained active, despite my recent departure from the Kingdom. I am grateful for the service of the newly-arranged cabinet, and look forward to our future work.

Upon my arrival at Western Washington University, Consulate Bellingham was established on campus. This is the second Überstadti consulate ever established in the United States, replacing the now-defunct Consulate Lynnwood. This new mission is the seat of my activity at the helm of the state, and provides government services for our citizens in northern Washington.

To begin the promised process of welfare and tax reform, I submitted a bill to Parliament to place a moratorium on income taxation and welfare payments until new policy is able to be researched and crafted. No Überstadtis will face substantial financial difficulties because of this temporary welfare stoppage.

I have begun the important, lengthy effort to codify our statutes to make them easier to reference, understand, and amend. In the process, I will also amend the existing text of laws to clarify and update old provisions. When the codification and associated updating of our law is completed, my draft code will be submitted to Parliament for further edits and, at last, approval.

In foreign affairs, cordial relations with other nations have continued. We affirmed recognition of the Empire of Grifburgh and engaged in positive communication with the Queen of New Cascadia, as well as continuing our regular discourse with our Sandum and Austenasian allies. Importantly, substantial dialogue has been undertaken with Sandus regarding reform of the Socius system.

The Ministry for the Economy oversaw the expansion of the Royal Residency’s rainwater collection system and obtained parts to enable the use of the collected water in flushing toilets.

In February, my government and I will do the following:

  • With the advice of the cabinet and foreign advisers, I will create a plan for the future of taxation and the welfare system.
  • I will continue the legal codification project, consulting with citizens on any significant changes to laws.
  • I will pursue further discussion with New Cascadia and continue negotiations on the Socius system.
  • I will publish the 2016 Foreign Policy Directive.
  • The Treasury and Economy Ministry will approve the creation of a new economic cooperative dedicated to wooden goods.

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