Überstadt joins Alcatraz Treaty

ROSEWOOD – In the opening seconds of 2016, King Adam of Überstadt brought in the new year by signing the Alcatraz Environmental Treaty, which has been ratified by many other micronations and related entities.

Adam moved for Überstadti ratification of the treaty following an end-of-year appeal by Princess Olivia of Aigues-mortes for as many nations as possible to accede to it. It has become the largest environmental treaty in micronational history, with a growing number of signatories that cannot be precisely tallied at press time, though estimated to number at least 15 and rising.

The Alcatraz Treaty was drafted at PoliNation 2015: The 3rd International Conference of Micronations, hosted by the Free Republic of Alcatraz. Delegations from nine countries signed the agreement at the conference on 5 July. It calls upon signatories to conserve natural resources and support localized economic activity, declares their belief that Antarctica must remain a scientific preserve, and demands reparations from “large landed nations” for land lost to rising sea levels.

King Adam signed a copy of the treaty, which will be sent to President Jacopo Fo of Alcatraz, the official repository of the original document.

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