Überstadt adopts uncodified constitution

ROSEWOOD – On Saturday evening, the people of Überstadt unanimously approved a move to an uncodified constitutional system. This reform was the centerpiece of the policies described in the Speech from the Throne at the opening of the kingdom’s eighth parliament. It was unanimously approved.

Citing the organic aspects of Überstadti politics and the problems inherent in changing comprehensive written constitutions, King Adam proposed the Constitution Act to provide basic law moving into this new system. The change was found legal by the High Chancery, which had in years past interpreted the adoption of a new constitution as technical amendment of the existing one.

The act was the first in national history to rely on absentee votes for passage. Überstadt’s two non-residential citizens, comprising 40% of the voting population, submitted their affirmative votes the night before Parliament met.

Following the bill’s passage, Adam predicted that the new system would last decades, eliminating the constitutional instability of the first few years of Überstadt’s existence. Most of the act’s provisions are very general, allowing for future evolution to meet the nation’s changing needs. The document is meant to provide a balance of power between the monarch and Parliament and clarifies the relationship between the two institutions.

The new constitution is partially based on that of Canada, where entrenched laws consist of the Constitution Acts, legislation that is explicitly constitutional or deals with certain aspects of government, and customary principles that are routinely treated as binding. The named sources of binding Überstadti constitutional law are the new act, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, principles universally accepted by citizens, and laws on certain issues.

One thought on “Überstadt adopts uncodified constitution

  1. […] The third and final bill passed was the Constitution Act, which annuls Überstadt’s previous constitution and replaces it with a system of uncodified constitutional law. It was approved unanimously by all citizens, including the High Chancellor, who ordinarily is not allowed to participate in legislation. This new basic law is designed to allow organic evolution of politics over the course of many years. […]

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