Republic of Doria annexes two new territories

JACARANDA—On 25 August, the Republic of Doria expanded considerably as Dictator Dorian Grimes signed the proclamations officially annexing two more territories into the nation: Jacaranda and Yucca.

Jacaranda is by far Doria’s smallest territory, consisting of only 93 square feet; however, it is now one of the most important territories, as it has become the Dictator’s new residence. The Dictator will be living in Jacaranda on a more consistent basis than she ever lived in Hyacinth or Rhododendron, for she is no longer splitting her time between all of her inhabited territories. For the next nine months, nearly all Dorian governmental activities shall take place in Jacaranda.

Yucca consists of 5,000 square feet of land surrounded by the nation of Mexico, near the city of San Felipe. It is the most barren of the Dorian territories, containing no permanent residents and only sparse vegetation. The Dorian government currently has no plans for developing, populating, or improving the territory.

While the three older Dorian territories have all resided within walking distance of one another, Jacaranda and Yucca are far removed from the Northwestern territories and each other. Over 1,000 miles stand between Jacaranda and the Northwestern territories, and over 370 miles separate Jacaranda from Yucca. The Dictator trusts that her citizens and her generals will protect and maintain the Northwestern territories in her absence. She plans to visit Hyacinth and Rhododendron this coming November to check on their conditions.

Territorial flag of Jacaranda.
yucca flag
Territorial flag of Yucca.

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