Dorian Dictator Explores Potential New Territory

HYACINTH—On Thursday July 30, the Dictator of Doria returned from a three-day visit to the city of Los Angeles in the United States of America to scope out land for a potential new territory for the Republic of Doria.

The Dictator will be relocating to the Los Angeles area in late August of 2015 to attend school at California State University, Northridge. This will mean that the Dictatorial Residence will need to be relocated to a new territory, which will likely be named Jacaranda after the purple flowering trees prevalent in the surrounding area.

Although the Dictator will be living a considerable distance from the other Dorian territories, Hyacinth and Rhododendron will continue to be occupied by other Dorian citizens, and Laburnum will remain unoccupied, unless invaded.

The visit left the Dictator feeling pleased about the decision to move to and establish a new territory in the area. Attractions within walking distance of Jacaranda will include a notable American university, an orange grove, a turtle pond, and many fine eateries.

A proclamation by the Dictator will be issued when the territory is officially established.

Image of a Jacaranda tree.

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