Royal Family nears complete recovery from flu outbreak

ROSEWOOD – An outbreak of influenza that sickened half of all Überstadtis is drawing to a close.

The three infected persons, all members of the Royal Family, included King Adam. All but one resident of Überstadt contracted the illness.

The outbreak began over three weeks ago when Prince Aaron, the Duke of Edmount contracted the virus. The following week, the Baroness Rosewood began exhibiting symptoms, followed by the king about a week later.

Visiting photographer Matt Roth, who documented all of Überstadt’s territories as part of his micronation portfolio project, was in Rosewood during relatively mild periods of the first two patients’ cases. He later reported contracting the same or a similar illness. In correspondence with King Adam, Mr. Roth jokingly named the disease “Flüberstadt.”

The precise status of the Duke of Edmount is unknown, as he is on a river rafting expedition in Idaho, but he is presumed to be relatively well. The other two patients are both experiencing what seem to be final symptoms. By most reports, the king suffered the worst symptoms of the outbreak last week.

The strain of influenza that invaded Rosewood was probably acquired at the Royal Family’s church. A similar virus may be affecting some of King Adam’s coworkers.