Aaron accedes at postponed coronation

ROSEWOOD – Prince Aaron, Duke of Edmount became the fourth King of the Band Room on Tuesday afternoon, following a postponement of the ceremony by several days.

King Jacob, who was to abdicate, was over 15 minutes late to the event, raising fears that Aaron, the anticipated successor, would have to craft a complex justification for his reign in the absence of a formal abdication and traditional crowning. The announcement of his arrival brought spectators from around the high school’s music hallway, as well as relief that he had brought his crown.

As Bandish subjects assembled the pyramid-throne of chairs, some ten feet high, the presence of a school administrator raised fears that the event would be put to a stop. The official left after a teacher sympathetic to the Bandish crown explained the tradition.

At last, Jacob ascended the throne and gave a speech declaring his abdication. He described himself as the “worst king” the Band Room Realms have seen, despite his popularity with the masses. He then formally announced that Aaron was his successor.

Aaron made the climb to the top of the chairs and permitted Jacob to crown him, a departure from the custom of the Bandish monarch crowning himself.

In accordance with tradition, the new king’s first speech appointed officials of his court and gave his first laws.

Thanking the man who had been the Realms’ constable for three years, beginning with the rule of Franklin and ending with his graduation, Aaron appointed one of his close friends to that post. He made another friend the new Viceroy of the Band Room, a position similar to Counselor of State in certain other monarchies, which he had previously held himself.

The new laws given at the ceremony included a censure of a former king, Seth, and an expansion of the claimed sphere of influence by the extraterritorial monarchy.

The new Bandish king’s brother is King Adam of Überstadt. The two have reportedly begun discussion of the Überstadti relationship with this unusual cultural group.


Short-term policies and projects announced by King Adam

ROSEWOOD – Acknowledging that his next scheduled policy speech to open Parliament is only a month away, King Adam made a public speech this afternoon describing policies and projects to be taken up in the immediate future.

The address, given in the main gathering place of the Royal Residency, focused especially on issues affecting Rosewood.

Environmental issues in the capital featured prominently. In response to an increasing number of native saplings sprouting in poor locations, Adam indicated that a census of all young trees would be made and that those that “cannot, for their own sake or that of their surroundings, be permitted to remain in place” would be transplanted.

In addition, the king promised to work with the Überstadti environment ministry to find solutions to a worsening invasive plant problem. English ivy and Himalayan blackberry threaten native growth in parts of Rosewood, including berry bushes with economic importance. One of the projects proposed in the speech was arranging work parties to combat the pest plants.

The location of public facilities in Eastern Rosewood was also discussed. Adam said that the Independence Spire, Überstadt’s national monument that was removed from its original location and kept in storage for many months, would promptly be erected once more in a new, more visible, location. He also invited public comment on where plots dedicated for use as foreign embassies should be located and how they should be marked.

The king ended by announcing that Roy Bridge, the small log bridge Überstadtis use to cross the ephemeral stream Edmount’s Finger to enter the main part of Creekbed Colony, is rotting and likely to either collapse or be destroyed by American authorities. The bridge provides access to the huckleberry bushes and ferns that are the focus of operations there.

The Überstadti government does not intend to resist the removal of the bridge, with King Adam acknowledging after the speech that its dismantling would be good for public safety. Instead, the kingdom’s cabinet will discuss the future of their nation’s activity in Creekbed, which will likely shift to a northern area of the colony.

Band Room King to abdicate Friday; Aaron of Überstadt probable successor

ROSEWOOD – King Jacob of the local cultural group known as the Band Room Realms declared Thursday night that his abdication and accompanying coronation of his successor would take place the next day. Prince Aaron, Duke of Edmount and heir to the Überstadti throne, is widely anticipated to be named the fourth King of the Band Room.

The Bandish monarchy, established by King Franklin in 2012, is a now-customary institution among performing arts students at Mountlake Terrace High School. Each new monarch is a band student and incoming senior at the school, who abdicates at the end of the academic year in favor of the successor of their choice from the lower class. The coronation involves the new ruler ascending a pyramid made of chairs and crowning themselves.

Jacob is the second consecutive Bandish leader to announce his abdication on extremely short notice. His predecessor, Seth, called for the coronation just hours before the event was held.

Prince Aaron has been the Überstadti envoy to the Bandish court under two kings’ reigns, and many both inside and outside the bands have predicted for years that he would eventually accede. Although Jacob is to officially name the next ruler tomorrow, rumors that Aaron is the king’s favorite for succession were supported by the fact that the ceremony was first announced privately to him.

King Adam of Überstadt will attend the coronation, as will Kara, the Baroness Rosewood and mother to the Überstadti royals. If Aaron ascends chair pyramid tomorrow, she will be the first parent of a Bandish monarch to witness their child’s coronation.

Very few alternate candidates for the kingship are known, none of which are women, despite the fact that there has not yet been a Queen of the Band Room.