Final Rosewood crop list announced

ROSEWOOD – The Überstadti economy minister has announced the final list of this year’s crops being grown in western Rosewood.

The list includes only cultivated plants, excluding berries that grow wild elsewhere in Überstadt.

Rosewood Fruits, the kingdom’s agriculture cooperative, maintains nearly 200 square feet of garden space in the nation’s capital, the largest portion of which is the long-established vegetable garden space of the Überstadti royal familiy. This area formerly produced a wide variety of edibles.

With several failed crops in recent years, however, it is now home only of tomatoes, basil, and raspberries, the latter of which were planted despite doubts earlier this year stemming from an anticipated drought, which will probably not affect the Puget Sound lowlands directly.

The economy ministry expects two nearby blueberry bushes to yield their greatest harvest ever. In two small beds adjacent to the Royal Residency, strawberries and peas are being grown.


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