Disorder in Dorian Army as top generals go AWOL

ROSEWOOD – The brief disappearances of two feline Dorian Army generals in separate incidents over the weekend created uncertainty in the republic’s military and the injury of one of the officers.

On the morning of Saturday, 23 May, Lieutenant General Maxine, a female calico cat, left her station in the Dorian province of Rhododendron without leave or orders from her superiors. Her absence lasted up to two hours.

Residents of Rhododendron report that when Maxine returned, she seemed emotionally distressed. Orange fur believed to be that of another cat was found between her toes, and at least one of her claws was broken in what was probably a fight with the other feline.

General Mugs, the chief of the army, was found on doorstep of the Dictatorial Residence Sunday afternoon, apparently having returned from an unauthorized expedition. Like Maxine, she did not have permission to vacate her post. She did not appear to be distressed or injured.

Despite the temporary absences of some of its military leaders, Doria’s security does not seem to have been compromised.

As the truant generals are cats, Dictator Dorian Grimes does not intend to discipline them for their disappearances.


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