Yarn pricing deal reached as Doria considers exporting crafts

ROSEWOOD – Überstadt and Doria reached an agreement Tuesday on the pricing of Überstadti-dyed yarn, despite initial disagreement over the material’s value.

King Adam I and Dictator Dorian Grimes met at Überstadt’s consulate in Lynnwood, Washington to discuss the price of yarn reserved for sale to Doria for use in crochet projects.

Ms. Grimes and the king had attempted to negotiate a sale several days prior, but the Dorian leader’s initial offer was rejected as being too low when compared to value calculations reported by Überstadt’s economy ministry. These estimates were based on the price of the uncolored yarn, chemicals, and equipment used in the dyeing process, according to the king.

The consulate meeting had not been previously planned, but was instead held out of convenience, as the two leaders were already there on other business.

Following an explanation by Adam of the determination of the yarn’s value, Ms. Grimes agreed to increase her offer. After discussing the probability that the material would be used in handicrafts made for sale on the Internet, she agreed that Doria would purchase at least one skein, dyed with ivy, for $12.

Should a second skein to be dyed with onion skins appeal to the dictator after its completion, both will be purchased for a total of $20.

Immediately upon reaching an understanding, the leaders drafted and signed a communiqué detailing the agreement, which will also guide future pricing.

This deal was reached as Doria moves towards the possible establishment of an online store for selling domestic goods, mostly crocheted projects, which Dorian artisans are producing at an increasing rate. Überstadti yarn, dyed using plants, will probably be used extensively in such products offered for sale.


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