Überstadt, Doria pledge Nepal aid

ROSEWOOD – The leaders of Überstadt and Doria have pledged aid packages from each of their countries to Nepal in the wake of lethal earthquakes.

The Überstadti and Dorian contributions are to be sent to a Red Cross fund dedicated to responding to the disaster, which has killed more than 3,000 people.

King Adam I of Überstadt announced his intention to send aid a statement on his government’s Facebook page Sunday night, expressing his “sadness” at the crisis and pledging that “Überstadt will send aid this week.”

The April session of Überstadti Parliament will be held Thursday, and a bill authorizing relief spending is expected to pass unanimously.

Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria promised funds in a private conversation with the king shortly after the Überstadti announcement, despite the practical nonexistence of regular income to her state.

“As tight as money can get in Doria, it hurts my heart to know there are others so much worse off,” Ms. Grimes told the Chronicle when asked for comment.

“I know my contribution is small, but I hope it will help nonetheless.”

Several micronations have joined the throng of governments expressing sympathies for the victims of the tremors, with some also stating their willingness to contribute financially to the international response.

Notably, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia said that his government “will support relief efforts in every way [they] can.”

Molossia has been generous with contributing to disaster relief in the past, which has begun to influence Überstadti policy.

“The last time Überstadt reached out to those in other lands was after the Oso landslide,” King Adam said, referring to a disaster that occurred in his home county in the United States last year.

“We now have so much more in our coffers than we did then, and we ought to follow the example of those nations which help however much they can. I will make foreign aid a higher priority for Überstadt.”

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