Yarn pricing deal reached as Doria considers exporting crafts

ROSEWOOD – Überstadt and Doria reached an agreement Tuesday on the pricing of Überstadti-dyed yarn, despite initial disagreement over the material’s value.

King Adam I and Dictator Dorian Grimes met at Überstadt’s consulate in Lynnwood, Washington to discuss the price of yarn reserved for sale to Doria for use in crochet projects.

Ms. Grimes and the king had attempted to negotiate a sale several days prior, but the Dorian leader’s initial offer was rejected as being too low when compared to value calculations reported by Überstadt’s economy ministry. These estimates were based on the price of the uncolored yarn, chemicals, and equipment used in the dyeing process, according to the king.

The consulate meeting had not been previously planned, but was instead held out of convenience, as the two leaders were already there on other business.

Following an explanation by Adam of the determination of the yarn’s value, Ms. Grimes agreed to increase her offer. After discussing the probability that the material would be used in handicrafts made for sale on the Internet, she agreed that Doria would purchase at least one skein, dyed with ivy, for $12.

Should a second skein to be dyed with onion skins appeal to the dictator after its completion, both will be purchased for a total of $20.

Immediately upon reaching an understanding, the leaders drafted and signed a communiqué detailing the agreement, which will also guide future pricing.

This deal was reached as Doria moves towards the possible establishment of an online store for selling domestic goods, mostly crocheted projects, which Dorian artisans are producing at an increasing rate. Überstadti yarn, dyed using plants, will probably be used extensively in such products offered for sale.


Überstadt, Doria pledge Nepal aid

ROSEWOOD – The leaders of Überstadt and Doria have pledged aid packages from each of their countries to Nepal in the wake of lethal earthquakes.

The Überstadti and Dorian contributions are to be sent to a Red Cross fund dedicated to responding to the disaster, which has killed more than 3,000 people.

King Adam I of Überstadt announced his intention to send aid a statement on his government’s Facebook page Sunday night, expressing his “sadness” at the crisis and pledging that “Überstadt will send aid this week.”

The April session of Überstadti Parliament will be held Thursday, and a bill authorizing relief spending is expected to pass unanimously.

Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria promised funds in a private conversation with the king shortly after the Überstadti announcement, despite the practical nonexistence of regular income to her state.

“As tight as money can get in Doria, it hurts my heart to know there are others so much worse off,” Ms. Grimes told the Chronicle when asked for comment.

“I know my contribution is small, but I hope it will help nonetheless.”

Several micronations have joined the throng of governments expressing sympathies for the victims of the tremors, with some also stating their willingness to contribute financially to the international response.

Notably, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia said that his government “will support relief efforts in every way [they] can.”

Molossia has been generous with contributing to disaster relief in the past, which has begun to influence Überstadti policy.

“The last time Überstadt reached out to those in other lands was after the Oso landslide,” King Adam said, referring to a disaster that occurred in his home county in the United States last year.

“We now have so much more in our coffers than we did then, and we ought to follow the example of those nations which help however much they can. I will make foreign aid a higher priority for Überstadt.”

ÜNN changed to private venture among Northwestern nations


Überstadt National News is now defunct, having been changed into a private, independent news service operated collaboratively by citizens of Überstadt and Doria. This new service is called the Occidental Chronicle, and all old ÜNN content may still be found on this site.

The Chronicle, both online and in a physical format, is going to frequently publish news from around the community, but especially about Pacific Northwest nations. We intend to regularly publish editorials, as well, and you are invited to submit letters to us for consideration to publish. We also invite you to send us any news tips that you would like to see given coverage by us.

The staff of the Chronicle are dedicated to objective reporting, insightful analysis, and intelligent discourse. As our publication enters its new form, we look forward to sharing our work with you.

– The editors

King returns from MicroCon amid media attention

ROSEWOOD – His Majesty King Adam has returned from MicroCon 2015, which has received substantial media attention.

MicroCon, held in Anaheim, California, was the largest ever North American gathering of micronationalists, organized by President Kevin Baugh of Molossia. Other notable attendees included Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica, King Christopher of Vikesland, and Queen Carolyn of Ladonia.

King Adam was accompanied to the conference and associated ball, the MicroCon Cotillion, by Dictator Dorian Grimes of Doria.

The conference and ball were held on Saturday, 11 April, at the Anaheim Central Library and Unitarian Universalist Church in Anaheim, respectively.

At the conference, many national leaders spoke on their nations and set up displays about them around the room. King Adam addressed those assembled on the history of Überstadt, the nature of its participatory democracy and economy, and its recent progress. Dictator Grimes set up a display about Doria.

The entire physical territory of the Free Ambulatory States of Obsidia, two pieces of obsidian, were also present at the conference.

That evening, most of those who were present at MicroCon attended the MicroCon Cotillion, which consisted of a dinner and ball.

At the Cotillion, King Adam was granted a knighthood in the Order of King Henry the Lion by Queen Anastasia of Ruritania.

The event received substantial media attention, and has been reported on by National Public Radio, the New York Daily News, and the Independent, among many other publications. A portrait of King Adam, including an overview of Überstadt, was featured in the Instagram feed of the American Association of Retired Persons, the first macronational media attention ever given the Kingdom.

MicroCon was the first multilateral conference ever personally attened by King Adam, and the first diplomatic visit by Dictator Grimes outside of Überstadt.