Seventh Parliament opened, promising imminent progess

ROSEWOOD – On Saturday, 10 January, the Seventh Parliament of Überstadt was opened by His Majesty King Adam, with the Speech from the Throne making large promises culture, economic development, and the economy, and the legislative day going on to prove highly productive.

In the Speech from the Throne, the King described his government’s diverse aims in the coming term, many of which are to be enacted in the near future. One area in focus was the vitality of national culture. The establishment of a committee to reform the list of national holidays by nation-wide consensus was announced, and all citizens present joined the group.

Promising the “greatest national event yet,” a similar committee was formed to plan the celebration of Überstadt’s fifth anniversary on 6 March of this year.

The state of the Kingdom’s natural environment was also in focus. The King described the invasive plant problem in Rosewood and the larger regional air quality problem, indicating that the government would investigate ways to minimize air pollution in Überstadt. In Discussion Time, which followed the speech, several present expressed an interest in participating in work parties to combat invasive plants in Rosewood and to clean up litter in the nearby Edmount’s Finger valley, including Creekbed Colony.

In contrast to the earliest stages of Überstadt’s economic development, which focused on natural medicine production by Apotheker, handicrafts and agriculture took center stage in the King’s description of economic goals in 2015. A resumption of dyeing operations was promised by February, and a long-discussed proposal to convert all cropland in western Rosewood into a berry patch was tentatively confirmed.

Important moments during Discussion Time, a period of general and topical discussion introduced this term to replace Question Time, included the decision to distribute domestically-produced pharmaceuticals free, charging only for postage, and the discussion of a possible expansion of the Kingdom. Dominique Montour, Minister for the Environment, expressed a willingness to have a new duchy established at her home in the United States, pending permission from her housemate.

Following all ceremony, introductory matters, and discussion, nine laws were passed. These included a bill creating the Hugh McAleer Academy, replacing the defunct King’s College, and a constitutional amendment to create the post of Counsellor of State, enabling those authorized by the Monarch to fulfill royal duties on the sovereign’s behalf.

This State Opening was the first meeting of Parliament attended by all four currently eligible citizens of Überstadt, and was observed by Dictator Dorian Grimes.