Storm takes out Rosewood’s power, causes minor damage

ROSEWOOD – Last night, a region-wide storm caused Rosewood to lose electricity and tore several branches from the capital’s trees, one of which struck the Royal Residency.

The storm, which had been predicted by the US National Weather Service since early this week, left tens of thousands without electricity. Its winds reached up to 62 miles per hour at Paine Field, about 7 miles away from Überstadt.

The Barony of Rosewood lost power at about 9 PM, while the King was away at work in the bordering city. A small generator was used to power the Royal Residency’s water heater, and a reserve battery provided light in the Chambers of Parliament, which served as the Royal Family’s gathering place until they retired to bed. Because cellular service was also impaired, the King was only able to inform the Dorian government of the Überstadti government’s limited capacity.

Electrical connection was finally restored at about 2 AM this morning, allowing the government to resume normal functions.

Several limbs, some rather large, were stripped from the tall Douglas firs in eastern Rosewood. One smaller one struck the Residency and fell into the embassy of Doria, causing no damage, as confirmed by an inspection today.

A patrol of the Edmount’s Finger Valley undertaken by His Majesty’s navy found that no significant damage had been caused in either Creekbed Colony or the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Oregonia.

It is not believed that any other Puget Sound-area micronation received worse damage than did Überstadt.