First joint Über-Dorian mission completed

ROSEWOOD – His Majesty’s Navy has announced that last Saturday, the first joint mission between the Royal Armed Forces and the Dorian Army was carried out in Possession Sound, a maritime area abound 10 miles north of Rosewood. His Majesty the King and Captain Michael von Friedeck were joined by Dictator Dorian Grimes herself for the operation.

The mission, conducted aboard HMNS Bert George, a 26-foot sailing sloop, had the dual purpose of training Ms. Grimes in naval theory and practice, and of scouting out the location of the United States home of Dominique Montour, Environment Minister. This latter activity was undertaken to bolster the Navy’s ability to accomplish its mission of protecting Überstadtis wherever they live.

The Bert George, under Captain von Friedeck’s command, began its voyage shortly before noon. Upon exiting the harbor of Everett, Washington, its motor was stopped and its sails were hoisted. Plotting a course to Point Elliott, the Überstadti vessel sailed past Naval Station Everett, a base of the US Navy and home port to supercarrier USS Nimitz.

Around 1330, the Bert George arrived off of Point Elliott, where the city of Mukilteo is situated. Montour’s house was located using nearby landmarks, accomplishing the mission.

This voyage was the first joint venture between the armed forces of Überstadt and Doria. Others are being planned, the next likely to be the marking of Dorian borders.

The Point Elliott lighthouse in Mukilteo, with a Washington State Ferry visible in the background.
The Point Elliott lighthouse in Mukilteo, with a Washington State Ferry visible in the background. Photo courtesy Northwest Maritime Heritage.

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