Prince Aaron resigns as PM to support change in role of Monarchy

ROSEWOOD – HRH Prince Aaron has resigned as Prime Minister of Überstadt and expressed his support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would transfer the head of government’s role to the Monarch.

In a letter to HM the King, the outgoing premier described himself as “becoming greatly laden with other duties,” especially academic pursuits, as the Prince has followed his brother’s path in concurrently enrolling in secondary and tertiary education.

Aaron further declared his “everlasting support for King Adam,” and indicated his favor toward making the King head of both state and government.

This proposed amendment, which is to be voted upon this evening at a special meeting of Parliament, would abolish the office of Prime Minister and transfer all the powers and duties of that office to the Monarch. This decision has been made following days of deliberation among Überstadt’s top politicians.

“It is time that our law reflected reality,” said the King of the proposal, referring to the fact that he has played a more active role in government than his younger brother in the past several months. He is seen by some as already acting as a de facto head of government, and as such, this legal change is not expected to significantly alter the reality of Überstadti politics.

For days, Prince Aaron had expressed some concerns about how the power of a “presidential” Monarch would be checked, but last night finally agreed to vote in favor of the change. This concession came following a meeting with the King in the Family Chamber of the Royal Residency described by some witnesses as “heated.”

The Prince had initially expressed a preference to remain Prime Minister than see the King assume the role’s power.

The amendment bill contains a provision, however, that has allayed public concerns about the executive’s accountability to the people. Under existing law, Parliament can appoint a regent if the Monarch becomes unable to perform their duties through physical or mental defect, but this bill expands that power significantly, allowing Parliament to force a regency or even an abdication should the executive sovereign fail to act within the people’s will.

The amendment in question will be the first bill for which advance votes by absent legislators will be officially considered, as it is to be debated following the anticipated passage of another constitutional amendment regarding parliamentary procedure.

At this time, the amendment abolishing the premiership is also anticipated to pass unanimously, with verbal support from all three voting citizens from Rosewood and an absentee vote already cast by Dominique Montour, Environment Minister, who lives in the United States.


First joint Über-Dorian mission completed

ROSEWOOD – His Majesty’s Navy has announced that last Saturday, the first joint mission between the Royal Armed Forces and the Dorian Army was carried out in Possession Sound, a maritime area abound 10 miles north of Rosewood. His Majesty the King and Captain Michael von Friedeck were joined by Dictator Dorian Grimes herself for the operation.

The mission, conducted aboard HMNS Bert George, a 26-foot sailing sloop, had the dual purpose of training Ms. Grimes in naval theory and practice, and of scouting out the location of the United States home of Dominique Montour, Environment Minister. This latter activity was undertaken to bolster the Navy’s ability to accomplish its mission of protecting Überstadtis wherever they live.

The Bert George, under Captain von Friedeck’s command, began its voyage shortly before noon. Upon exiting the harbor of Everett, Washington, its motor was stopped and its sails were hoisted. Plotting a course to Point Elliott, the Überstadti vessel sailed past Naval Station Everett, a base of the US Navy and home port to supercarrier USS Nimitz.

Around 1330, the Bert George arrived off of Point Elliott, where the city of Mukilteo is situated. Montour’s house was located using nearby landmarks, accomplishing the mission.

This voyage was the first joint venture between the armed forces of Überstadt and Doria. Others are being planned, the next likely to be the marking of Dorian borders.

The Point Elliott lighthouse in Mukilteo, with a Washington State Ferry visible in the background.
The Point Elliott lighthouse in Mukilteo, with a Washington State Ferry visible in the background. Photo courtesy Northwest Maritime Heritage.