Parliament opened as prince remains PM, major bills passed

ROSEWOOD – On Tuesday, the Sixth Parliament of Überstadt was opened by His Majesty the King, as Prince Aaron was re-elected Prime Minister.

The Fifth Parliament, the first session of the Kingdom’s legislature to meet as a direct assembly of the people, was dissolved following a final Question Time, in which Prince Aaron defended his government’s actions and policies of the last six months.

Following a secret ballot which unanimously reaffirmed the prince’s premiership, the King delivered the Speech from the Throne, laying out the new government’s policies. Among the bolder promises made were providing all citizens with a national flag and establishing a welfare system funded by an income tax.

The new cabinet was then confirmed unanimously, with the King remaining economy minister, the Prime Minister gaining charge over culture, and a new citizen, Dominique M., becoming the new environment minister.

The reassembled Parliament passed four acts.

The Creekbed Act highlighted Prince Aaron’s ideology of environmental expansionism, enlarging Creekbed Colony to increase the territory under the protection of the Kingdom’s environmental laws.

The Diplomatic Missions Act set aside land for the establishment of foreign embassies. The Socilivo Act, governing new aspects of Überstadt’s relationship with Sandus and granting Sandum citizens limited economic and political rights in the Kingdom, was passed 2-0 with the Prime Minister abstaining for reasons he did not express.

The bill expected to prove the most controversial, the Income Tax Act, was in fact received in the Chambers of Parliament with applause, an unprecedented event. This act established a 3% income tax on most Überstadtis, excepting the stewards of the Royal Residency and those whose necessary expenses consume at least 90% of their income.

The meeting closed with a brief address from the Dorian Grimes, Dictator of Doria, who also observed Parliament in June. Ms. Grimes thanked the Kingdom for its friendship and pledged future cooperation.

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