New alliance formed as Doria founded

ROSEWOOD – This afternoon, friends of Überstadtis founded the Republic of Doria at a residence 2.3 miles from the Kingdom. His Majesty the King was present for the signature of the Dorian constitution, immediately after which a treaty was signed between the two states.

The foundation of Doria was led by a close friend of the King, Dorian Grimes, who was made the head of state upon the ratification of the constitution. Grimes bears the title of Dictator, inspired by the Roman Republic, and has been granted all legislative and executive power due to the small population of the new nation.

According to the King, Grimes has wished to establish a micronation for a very long time.

Because of the already-close relationship between the peoples of Doria and Überstadt, as well as the latter government’s trust of the leadership of the former, a treaty of recognition and alliance was signed on the spot. The treaty provides for the establishment of diplomatic missions, mutual defense, and preferential trade in wild fruit.

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