Jacob enthroned as King of the Band Room

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 11 June, a Bandish friend of the Überstadti royals, Jacob, was enthroned as the third King of the Band Room upon the abdication of King Seth, a former military leader in Überstadt.

The event was not previously announced by Seth, and so was unplanned. All guests were hurriedly gathered a few minutes prior to the ceremony.

After the conclusion of classes at Mountlake Terrace High School, members of the royal court of the Band Room Realms gathered in the band room itself, accompanied by representatives of other performing arts at the school. As is customary, a pyramidal throne of chairs was constructed, from which Seth delivered his final speech and announced his abdication.

As fanfares played, Jacob ascended the pyramid and sat atop it, those present acclaiming him as not only King of the Band Room, but King of the Band Hall, encompassing the entire performing arts hallway. This variation from the original nature of the Bandish monarchy was likely fueled by Seth’s claim of sovereignty over the entire corridor during his abdication address. Members of the choir, orchestra, and theatre department joined in the cries of “Long live the King!”

Jacob is the first King of the Band Room to have been enthroned rather than crowned, due to the short notice with which the ceremony took place. The Bandish crown is kept in trust by His Majesty’s Überstadti Navy. As all present recognized Jacob’s kingship, the missing portion of the traditional coronation in which the king ordinarily crowns himself is not considered to jeopardize the legitimacy of his reign.

King Adam, who was informed by telephone of these happenings while away in Lynnwood, expressed pleasure at learning the identity of the new ruler. The two monarchs are expected to schedule a summit to occur sometime during June.

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