King’s statement on New South Scotland

The King of Überstadt, Rosewood.

Having become aware of an unfolding crisis involving the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New South Scotland, the Kingdom of Überstadt is greatly concerned about present conditions. It is our view that these events are a threat to the image and credibility of all states of our class, and we further find reprehensible the vitriolic language that has been employed during the course of the present dispute.

Although our state has a long history of impartiality in international relations, in this case, the evidence is clear enough that an act of aggression has been committed by the forces of Queen Astrid. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Überstadt condemns the Commonwealth of Zealandia and calls upon Her Majesty to remove her forces from New South Scotland and return the same to civilian rule at the soonest possible time.

With respect to the Empire of Austenasia, we exhort their leaders to refrain from criticizing the internal governance of Zealandia at this time.

We call upon the belligerent parties to meet and negotiate the peaceful solution of this matter with calm words and sober brains.

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