King to visit Washington, Kremlum Sandus

His Majesty the King has accepted an invitation from the Sôgmô of Sandus to pay a state visit to Sandus this summer.

This visit to the Sandum capital of Kremlum Sandus will be undertaken in early July, during which time the King will also tour the United States capital of Washington, the District of Columbia. The occasion is to be the first state visit ever paid by an Überstadti leader, as well as the first ever received by Sandus.

The Sôgmô remarked in his invitation to the King that this event will make Überstadt and Sandus among “the few of [micronations]…to have enjoyed a mutual meeting.”

The King has noted that the visit will be the latest in a series of events that have made Sandus one of the closest allies of Überstadt. “Despite our initial hostility nearly two years ago, events such as the GUM leadership crisis, the 2013 CCPS Conference, and now this visit have brought us together,” he said. “This close diplomatic cooperation has led to very real cultural and economic achievements.”

The trip to Kremlum Sandus is expected to take up one day of the King’s five-day agenda in the region, with the remainder being spent in Washington and environs, where he will be lodged with relatives. Anticipated activities include touring of important governmental buildings, exploring museums, and visiting major monuments and Arlington National Cemetery, the latter of which may be done alongside the Sôgmô.

The official residence and workplace of the American president, Barack Obama, may also be toured, pending application through the office of one of the Royal Family’s US senators.