PM: Vouchers to be abolished, organizations to be co-ops

ROSEWOOD – The Prime Minister has announced plans to abolish the Kingdom’s signature labor vouchers, which were named as a replacement for money in the October 2013 constitution. This will entail the passage of a second amendment to what is termed by some the “Socialist Constitution.”

This announcement comes amid a series of major modifications of previously-announced economic policy, including the decision that all economic organizations are to be governed as cooperatives. King Adam, the economy minister, is apparently the catalyst behind these sudden policy reversals, arguing in a cabinet meeting that these altered measures are more democratic and consistent with socialist principles.

Labor vouchers, which have existed primarily in the realm of theory, are a non-circulating means of compensating workers, whose earned credit is deleted, rather than transferred, upon making a purchase. Although ordered to replace money in the Third Constitution, ratified last November, it was only this month that the Ministry for the Economy began planning in detail their implementation.

Foreign observers have speculated in the past that Überstadt may have been the first micronation to fully transition from a capitalist economy to a socialist one via legislation, and now Prince Aaron’s government says it is attempting to make a complete transition to an economy free from any semblance of wage labor.

The decision to make all primary economic actors cooperatives, rather than the previously proposed mix of state-owned companies and private cooperatives, is closely related to the voucher proposal. Cooperatives are to be divided into public and private, with all citizens being members of the public cooperatives and participating in their governance through Parliament. King Adam stated that this will guarantee an economy “by, of, and for all our citizens, and not merely those who possess the time to acquire vouchers.”

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