Independence Day celebrated

Independence Day was celebrated today, commemorating four years since the foundation of Überstadt. The festivities were centered in Rosewood, the national capital and location of the Royal Residency.

The main celebrations were held in the evening, beginning with a special dinner of the newly-devised national dish, called “cycen” after the Old English word for “chicken.” Patriotic and otherwise festive music was then played in the public gathering areas as dessert was served. King Adam vowed at the table that the Kingdom would last for decades.

Following the meal, the King and Prince Aaron, both in military uniform, signed a document issuing a formal pardon to Kyra D., the early Überstadti citizen who was convicted of resisting arrest after being subjected to politically-motivated prosecution in April 2010.

As evening wore down, the national anthem, Our Day of Glory, and the Internationale were sung, followed by a 21-gun salute.

Rosewood was well-decorated for the events. The Western Isle was flown outside the Royal Residency from sunrise to sunset on a pole specially constructed for the occasion. The otherwise poor weather provided a strong breeze, keeping the flag unfurled throughout the whole period. The Residency itself was adorned with blue and green lights.

The Independence Spire, in the eastern region of Rosewood, was decorated with flowers and fir boughs. The wooden obelisk was erected one year ago for the state’s third anniversary.

This occasion has also produced what is anticipated to form the beginning installation in what will one day form an Überstadti national epic. “The Song of Foundation” is a poem in alliterative verse written to narrate the pre-Überstadti history of the Kingdom’s territories, as well as the foundation process itself.

Tonight’s events formed the largest celebration of Independence Day since the day of foundation, when the original constitution was signed by twelve founders in 2010.

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