Economy Ministry unveils economic program

ROSEWOOD – At Sunday evening’s meeting of Parliament, King Adam, in his capacity as Minister for the Economy, unveiled the Ostara Project, a program designed to jump-start the Überstadti economy this spring.

The Ostara Project gets its name from the Old High German name for the Anglo-Saxon fertility goddess Eostre, attested to by Bede and considered by some a possible root for the English name of Easter.

The project proposes a set of organization law in which economic actors are divided into private cooperatives or public companies, which are only permitted to seek monetary profit outside the Kingdom. While citizens would have to purchase companies’ goods and services with labor vouchers earned from productive activity, each cooperative would be able to decide whether to charge for its products.

Key to the proposal is the expansion of the roles of presently-existing companies and government institutions. Pharmaceutical producer Apotheker is to conduct research into more native plants with medicinal properties, while Rosewood Fruits is expanding to be responsible for most of the country’s agriculture.

A postal service is also to be established, delivering documents and packages between citizens and domestic organizations for free while charging foreigners for its courier services. An independent media cooperative is also to be created.

The King’s College, too, will commence weekly lectures and will receive funding for scientific research in the fields of biology, geology, and aeronautical engineering.

The comprehensive plan was applauded by the members of Parliament present, the March meeting of which is expected to pass laws to bring it into practice.

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