Planning for Independence Day in progress

ROSEWOOD – The planning of the 2014 Independence Day celebrations, commemorating four years since the foundation of the Überstadti state, are underway, the Cabinet reports.

The national day, which occurs on 6 March, is expected to be observed with military inspections, brief ceremonies at historical sites, and a formal dinner attended by all citizens.

Musical and poetic compositions are also being prepared for performance following the meal. This will include a poem in alliterative verse which the King has indicated will form the first installment of a national epic.

A cabinet meeting is expected to convene within the next two weeks to finalize preparations for the event. Culture minister Jonathan Faust has proposed the creation of a national dish to be served as an entree at the celebration.

Owing to a tax dispute, it is uncertain whether King Seth of the Band Room, who is also an Überstadti citizen and noble, will be in attendance.

Independence Day celebrations in the past have been lackluster, the most notable one being that of 2012, when the Independence Spire was erected in Rosewood. The monument will most likely play a role in this year’s festivities.

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