Creekbed thrashed by intruders

CREEKBED – Creekbed Colony has been violated and some of its protected plants injured, according to the Royal Constabulary.

This morning at around 8:00 local time, His Majesty the King paid a visit to the colony on his way to the nearby American bus depot when he observed from across the creek that a frond had been detached from one of the protected ferns located a few feet away. Upon further inspection, the total extent of the damage became apparent. Several more fronds had been violently torn from their plants, perhaps by trampling, down the entire length of the overgrown former trail that bisects the colony.

No ferns were damaged to the point of their lives being threatened. It is possible that at least one of the displaced fronds could have originated on a plant belonging personally to the king.

It is reported that the perpetrator of this deed is presumed by authorities to be human, rather than a wild animal. Also noted was the belief that the culpit is not of Überstadti nationality.

“Regardless of whether this invader was ignorant of our law, it is simply common sense not to harm plants in the forest,” His Majesty said. “That’s just poor nature etiquette.”

The Royal Constabulary is commencing an investigation into the matter. The Navy, although legally charged with protecting colonies, will likely not be questioned, owing to the open border policy existing at Creekbed.

Ferns are among the plants legally protected in Überstadt, and are the basis for the largest part of the pharmaceutical industry. The maximum penalty for fern damage is six months’ incarceration or a fine of up to US $7500.

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