King and PM meet, pledge political cooperation

ROSEWOOD – On Friday evening Pacific Daylight Time, His Majesty the King and Prince Aaron, second and current Prime Minister, held a landmark conference in which the two major political heads formally agreed to cooperation.

Due to the king’s new legislative powers, it was considered key by the leaders to coordinate a platform in order to organize progress appropriately. Although Parliament, of which Prince Aaron is the sole member this term, may repeal any royal decree, the crown has quickly become the most prolific source of constructive legislation.

“Being on the same page with my government enables us to each write the sorts of laws we are best at while guaranteeing that my agenda for Überstadt is acceptable to the people’s representative,” His Majesty told ÜNN.

It is reported that the main issues  addressed in the conference were the codification of law, cultural policy, and the economy.

It was agreed upon that cultural endeavors would primarily be undertaken on a private basis, rather than through acts of the government. Public funding for some projects, such as one intended to develop national cuisine, was still supported.

A large portion of the meeting was devoted to discussion of economic development. The two brothers, both leading Überstadti businessmen, acknowledged that their agriculturally-based sectors of the domestic market would be the most active in the late summer due to harvest times, preventing sooner development of the economy as presently constituted. A consensus was reached that some form of a public works program would promote sooner development, as well as provide an easy way to circulate new über coinage.

The agreement signed by the leaders at the end of the meeting stated their agreement that King Adam’s civil code would be supported by Parliament, and that continued cooperation in terms of the economy would be expected.

King Adam further promised to abide by the constitution in recognizing and respecting Parliament’s sovereignty and legal precedence.

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