Royal statement on the Amagerian affair

It has been officially announced that the nation of Hobartstown and Victoria, led by Luke Albertschine, has seceded from the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager. The Kingdom of Überstadt has had for some time a very close relationship with the Amagerian government, catalyzed by our common policies, common ideals, and the all-important factor (among micronations) of a good personal relationship between the leaders. Mr. Albertschine is a friend of mine, and was key in the cultivation of our states’ relations.

Let it be known that this change in the status quo will not disrupt the continuity of Überstadti diplomacy. So long as the new Amagerian government is willing, we will carry on with the joint projects our governments are involved in. We will wholeheartedly support the new legitimately elected government in their endeavors. I wish to extend to First Minister Simpson in particular my good wishes as he turns his attention to ushering in a new era of national politics.

The Kingdom of Überstadt also officially recognizes the independent Hobartstown and Victoria, and will soon extend a hand of friendship in the form of a treaty to demonstrate our dedication to preserving ALL previous ties. We encourage all micronations that recognize Amager to recognize this newly independent state as well, and also hope to engage in productive cooperation with this government. It is our hope that Saint Luke and Amager and Hobartstown and Victoria will correspond with each other on good terms, and it is our pleasure to be partners with both.

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