Third Amendment brings political, legal change

HAWK CITY – This morning in Hawk City, the former capital, the Opposition finalized its vote in favor of Parliamentary Bill 15, the third amendment to the monarchist constitution. The bill was granted royal assent after the legally required unanimous legislative vote was obtained.

The Third Amendment brings change to several areas of Überstadti law and politics.

The first section of the amendment grants the monarch the power to legislate.  King Adam has held for about a week the power to define national territory, and this new grant of authority finalizes the recent trend of a more powerful crown. Acts of Parliament override all royal decrees, however, and royal assent is no longer required on bills originating in the legislature. The fourth section additionally granted Parliament sovereignty comparable to that of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The fifth section is among the most significant, establishing a constitutional and appellate court known as the High Chancery. As is the case with judges of the Crown Court, the High Chancellor is appointed to a three year term by the monarch. Appellate courts existed under the kritarchial system used until November 2011, but until now have not existed under the second constitution.

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