Royal Residency enters kingdom as Barony of Rosewood, becomes capital

ROSEWOOD – The Royal Residency, formerly a part of the United States, was incorporated into Überstadt yesterday as the Barony of Rosewood, and has been named the national capital.

Rosewood became a part of the Duchy of Edmount, the only Überstadti duchy ever formed.  It joins the Baronies of Ballinger and Terrace, increasing the size of the duchy by a fifth of an acre. The new territory is a short distance north of Creekbed Colony.

Until King Adam issued his first royal decree incorporating the Residency and naming it the capital, Hawk City in Terrace had served as the de facto seat of government ever since the foundation of the country in March of 2010. Hawk City became an actual part of Überstadt over a year and a half later, and became known quickly by the citizenry as the capital.

This claim comes following the passage of a law that delegates to the monarch the right to define national territory. This unexpected increase in royal authority has been seen by many as part of a trend of a greater centralization of power in the Royal Residency, a belief that is supported by the naming of the same place as the house of government.

King Adam, addressing other micronationalists in the Facebook venue MicroGroup, heralded this change as a step in a process toward a “smaller, more developed” state.