Foreign policy for 2013 laid out

HAWK CITY – King Adam has released the 2013 Foreign Policy Directive, outlining Überstadt’s goals with regard to external affairs and the policies by which those goals are to be reached.

The three goals for 2013, constructed to complement and contribute to the attainment of new domestic policies, are to promote peace and professionalism abroad; to develop cultural relationships with other micronations; and to develop healthy trade relations.

Intergovernmental organizations will play a key role in policy relating to peace and professionalism.Provisional membership in Grand Unified Micronational will be maintained, and GUM will serve as a platform for some important matters in Überstadti diplomacy. Having received permission from Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis, the Kingdom will contribute to literature advocating the ideals of the Union Against Micronational War. Additionally, mediation will be offered to micronations involved in a conflict if they desire such intervention.

Cultural relationships between peoples and states will be forged to complement the Renaissance-led government’s social aims. Media and other related exchanges will be part of this effort. Diplomatic gifts will also be sent to selected foreign leaders to display native cultural elements and to symbolize international goodwill.

To assist in the strengthening of the Überstadti economy, trade relations with other micronations will be cultivated. This will involve the institution of a system of consular relations with prospective trade partners that are unable to enter diplomatic relations with the Kingdom, foreign promotion of Überstadti exports, and the enforcement of existing trade agreements with other governments.

2013 is the second consecutive year for which a document guiding foreign policy has been issued by the king. The 2012 document, titled the Diplomatic Strategy, was primarily intended to increase Überstadti influence and balance external and internal affairs. This is contrasted with the 2013 directive, which seeks to utilize foreign policy to bring about domestic goals.


Third Parliament opened; Coalition reveals agenda

HAWK CITY – The State Opening of the Third Parliament of Überstadt occurred this afternoon, which saw unveiling the governmental agenda of the Renaissance-Cat Coalition and the passage of multiple laws, including a constitutional amendment.

In his first Speech from the Throne, King Adam outlined the agenda of His Majesty’s Government. The greatest emphasis was placed on cultural development. Proposed methods to encourage development included national celebrations and programs to create native literature and art. The environment was also an important issue, with a call for the criminalization of environmental damage.

Fiscal and economic policy were also stressed. One of the most groundbreaking proposals was to institute a national marketplace. “In order to stimulate the economy,” His Majesty read, “my government intends to organize a platform by which the private sector may trade freely in a single consolidated market.”The length of a parliamentary term was extended by the second amendment to the Kingdom’s constitution to last six months, with the Third Parliament adjourning in April.

Five laws were also passed in the same number of minutes as Parliament met.

The country’s first budget was passed for this term, levying a head tax, a tax on companies using natural resources, and allocating funding to several areas of government. More than 40% of all spending will occur through the Ministry for Culture. Over 30% will be spent in foreign aid, and 25% will be spent on His Majesty’s Navy.

The Constitution of the Kingdom was modified for the second time by a unanimous vote, extending the length of a parliamentary term to six months.The Third Parliament was mandated to adjourn in April.

A new national holiday, the Day of the Sandwich, was proclaimed to take place every February. The Coalition says  this will encourage the improvement of national cuisine.

The von Friedech Market Act established the Free Public Market, fulfilling the government’s promise of a free national marketplace. “The existence of a consolidated market will encourage new industry,” the Minister for Commerce said.

The only bill to face opposition was the Plant and Animal Protection Act, which outlaws the injury or killing of most plants and animals, as well as the molestation of seagulls. Opposition leader Daniel of Korea cast the sole nay vote, arguing that the owner of an animal should be able to do whatever the wish to it. The act passed nonetheless.

Government formed as State Opening is planned

HAWK CITY – As Überstadt prepares for its first State Opening of Parliament to bring in the third term of the Kingdom’s legislature, the composition of the new government has been announced.

Prince Aaron, Renaissance Party leader and newest Prime Minister, had formed a coalition with the center-right Cat Party the day after the election. His recent disclosure of the composition of his cabinet hints at the sorts of policies that will be revealed at the State Opening scheduled for Friday.

The head of government and royal heir apparent has personally taken the newly-created position of Minister for Culture, and placed in charge of the new Ministry for the Environment Theron of Edmount, the prince’s predecessor and leader of the Contractors’ Democratic Party. King Adam, as is customary, remains responsible for the treasury.

Analysts say that the absence of Cat Party leaders in the cabinet reveals much about the lack of faith of the Renaissance Party in their coalition partners. The Cats, despite being the dominant party in terms of membership numbers, have a reputation for political apathy.

The creation of two ministries, which sophisticates the Kingdom’s government more than at any time under the monarchy, has been interpreted by political experts as indicating the primary facets of the Renaissance-led agenda. The Ministry for Culture, unprecedented by any historical governmental organ, was almost expected by analysts due to the Renaissance agenda of developing Überstadti culture. The Ministry for the Environment seems to indicate an environment-heavy platform.

Friday’s State Opening of Parliament, a ceremony of which was not held for the first two sessions of the legislature, is scheduled for 2:00 PM local time (2200 UTC). King Adam will give his first Speech from the Throne, written to reflect the Government’s agenda, after which the first several bills to be laid before the Third Parliament will be debated and voted upon.