Micronations affected by hurricane; status reports come in

This article will be updated as more information regarding affected micronations becomes available. Last updated Friday 0:00 GMT.

NORTHEASTERN UNITED STATES – Last night, Sandy, a Category 1 hurricane, made landfall near the New York metropolitan area. Sandy, which has been dubbed by macronational media a “superstorm,” is expected to continue inland, colliding with a massive cold front and possibly going as far west as Chicago.

Extensive flooding has been reported in New York City itself, as well as northern New Jersey. Millions of Americans in the region are without electricity, and thousands are isolated by high waters. At least twenty people have been killed in the United States.

Affected by the storm are a number of micronations, including several from the MicroWiki community. Sandus, Ultamiya, Tiana, Westsylvania, Florenia, Brogenia, and Amager are all known to have felt Sandy’s effects. Those nations without electricity will likely be able to communicate by Thursday.

Amager: The Federal Commonwealth of Saint Luke and Amager, in the metropolitan area of northern New Jersey, received storm-force winds and heavy rain. Lucien Albertschine, Prime Minister, has not yet been able to report the level of damage in Amager, which is believed to be without electricity.

Brogenia: The Independent Republic of Brogenia received high winds and heavy rain. Some trees were downed by the winds, and electricity was out for a brief period.

Florenia: The Kingdom of Florenia’s territory in Connecticut experienced elevated levels of wind and rain. Prince Nathan reports “minimal” damage.

Sandus: The State of Sandus, in Maryland, was minimally affected by the storm. S8gm8 Will Soergel reported that the effect of Sandy on Kremlum Sandus was “mostly rain.”

Tiana: The Republic of Tiana, on Long Island, New York, suffered high winds and heavy rains. President Joseph Puglisi reported that many trees were down.  One province still remains without electricity.

Ultamiya: The Republic of Ultamiya, located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received elevated levels of wind and rain, but suffered no substantial damage. President David Salapa reported that the Ultamian flag remained flying through the entire night.

Westsylvania: Westsylvania, in northern Pennsylvania, received elevated levels of wind and rain. Head of State Mac Coat reported that his nation had suffered minor flooding and a small number of downed trees.


5 thoughts on “Micronations affected by hurricane; status reports come in

    The hurricane hit our northwestern Connecticut territory last night. No Florenian’s were there, but we saw the effect from New York City and received word from neighbors that there was little to no damage. There will be more information later.
    Prince Nathan
    Prime Minister of Florenia

  2. The West Soviet Union sends its regards to those affected by the storm. My family and I personally hope that all micronationalists and non-micronational citizens of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic the best possible circumstances after this storm blows over. This is especially concerning the circumstances, for it very nearly could have been our region attacked by the system, as happened to South Carolina in 1989 with Hugo and recently in the gulf states by Katrina in 2005. We do realize that the circumstances are worsened by the cold front from the Arctic, and by all means we hope your region can rebuild and prosper after this catastrophe.

  3. I would like to remind the editors of the UNN Staff that the demonym of Ultamiya is Ultamian, not Ultamiyan. And in regards to the flag, yes, it survived the storm. No word on the flags from either Shimate or Michrenia, though.

  4. Bayton, Brogenia – 1:31 PM EST

    Yesterday night, a Category 1 Hurricane hit the entire East coast of the US, including Brogenia. Hurricane Sandy caused power outages for up to 4 hours in Brogenia, and caused down trees, including one which landed on a car, but thankfully it was not majorly damaged.

    It began with rain. Constant raining for 2 days, and on Monday night, the winds began. Tops of trees swayed as windspeeds of up to 90 miles an hour hit the area, and the wind chill was in the 30′s. All schools in the area were closed that day and the next, and some residents were even told to evacuate.

    Hurricane Sandy is now the worst hurricane that Brogenia has went through. Although last year’s Hurricane Irene was still dangerous, it was not as dangerous as Sandy. Although some effects of the storm remain, they are minor, and the weather remains dismal as the area is extremely wet. As of now, there are no Brogenian casualties or injuries do to the storm.


    Sorry that it is quite late, but in other words, we are fine. I hope that those that have been affected by the storm are alright and that things are running again.

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