Micronations affected by hurricane; status reports come in

This article will be updated as more information regarding affected micronations becomes available. Last updated Friday 0:00 GMT.

NORTHEASTERN UNITED STATES – Last night, Sandy, a Category 1 hurricane, made landfall near the New York metropolitan area. Sandy, which has been dubbed by macronational media a “superstorm,” is expected to continue inland, colliding with a massive cold front and possibly going as far west as Chicago.

Extensive flooding has been reported in New York City itself, as well as northern New Jersey. Millions of Americans in the region are without electricity, and thousands are isolated by high waters. At least twenty people have been killed in the United States.

Affected by the storm are a number of micronations, including several from the MicroWiki community. Sandus, Ultamiya, Tiana, Westsylvania, Florenia, Brogenia, and Amager are all known to have felt Sandy’s effects. Those nations without electricity will likely be able to communicate by Thursday.

Amager: The Federal Commonwealth of Saint Luke and Amager, in the metropolitan area of northern New Jersey, received storm-force winds and heavy rain. Lucien Albertschine, Prime Minister, has not yet been able to report the level of damage in Amager, which is believed to be without electricity.

Brogenia: The Independent Republic of Brogenia received high winds and heavy rain. Some trees were downed by the winds, and electricity was out for a brief period.

Florenia: The Kingdom of Florenia’s territory in Connecticut experienced elevated levels of wind and rain. Prince Nathan reports “minimal” damage.

Sandus: The State of Sandus, in Maryland, was minimally affected by the storm. S8gm8 Will Soergel reported that the effect of Sandy on Kremlum Sandus was “mostly rain.”

Tiana: The Republic of Tiana, on Long Island, New York, suffered high winds and heavy rains. President Joseph Puglisi reported that many trees were down.  One province still remains without electricity.

Ultamiya: The Republic of Ultamiya, located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, received elevated levels of wind and rain, but suffered no substantial damage. President David Salapa reported that the Ultamian flag remained flying through the entire night.

Westsylvania: Westsylvania, in northern Pennsylvania, received elevated levels of wind and rain. Head of State Mac Coat reported that his nation had suffered minor flooding and a small number of downed trees.


Political changes come with close of overdue election

HAWK CITY – The third session of Überstadti Parliament has finally been chosen in a lengthy, overdue election. The Third Parliament is the first legislature to be elected following the passage of Constitutional Amendment I, which decreased the size of Parliament from five to three.

Prince Aaron, former Centrist Party leader and current Renaissance Party leader, remains the most popular individual politician at the ballot box, procuring one third of the vote. He has been appointed the second Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Überstadt. His party has formed a government with the Cat Party. Daniel of Korea, the politician who purports to be fascist, resumes his First Parliament role as opposition leader.

Smaller Parliament

The final law passed by the Second Parliament this month was the first amendment to an Überstadti constitution since last November’s reform into a constitutional monarchy. This amendment, sponsored by Prince Aaron, decreased the number of legislators representing each duchy from five to three.

“It was becoming too much to deal with so many people to make laws,” King Adam remarked on the change. “Having so many legislators made it difficult to give everyone a role in Überstadt that would best suit them. Besides, it simply is not realistic for a third of a country to serve in the chambers of lawmaking.”

The amendment also made further changes to the constitution more difficult by requiring a unanimous vote of Parliament. Proponents of the bill argued that such a change will increase political stability in Überstadt.

Amendment I also formally codified the ballot method by which members of Parliament are elected, granting each citizen one vote for a single candidate. Prior custom has been to allow each voter two votes for separate candidates.

Delayed election

Due to the lack of activity in the nation during a summer that proved quite busy for most citizens, however, the day of the vote was delayed even further until normal activity levels could be reached.

Immediately following the constitutional amendment’s passage and a royal determination that most of Überstadt’s regular activity had returned, the election was scheduled for the Thursday of October 18. As is customary, members of the Royal Family were permitted to vote the night before.

Extended voting period

As ballots were distributed and collected in downtown Hawk City, elections officiators found in a preliminary count that the number of votes received by the Renaissance and Fascist parties were guaranteed to win seats in Parliament. As the last absentee ballots were counted as the 3:00 PM deadline for voting approached, however, it became apparent that the two rightist parties were hopelessly tied.

King Adam, acting in his legal role as administrator of elections, declared that the polls would remain open until the tie between the Cat Party and CDP was broken.

The election lasted four days, until the draw was finally broken Sunday afternoon in the Cat Party’s favor, sending Sir Michael to his third session in Parliament.

This election holds the record not only for longest Überstadti election, but the one with the highest voter turnout. 60% of the population voted for the Third Parliament.