Construction of experimental dam commences

CREEKBED – The most immediately recognizable feature of Creekbed Colony is the log that spans the seasonal creek, providing a bridge between the United States and Überstadt. Soon, however, a sturdy dam could become the symbol of Überstadti control of the enclave.


Construction of a dam began this morning with the laying of rock partway across the portion of the creekbed claimed by Überstadt. This is the first construction project in the Kingdom’s history, and is being undertaken as a private enterprise to experiment with water control and its potential effects on the colony.


The dam, which will be completed within two weeks, will face its trial by water upon the first major rainfall of the Pacific Northwest autumn. Depending on the observed effects of the temporary rock-fill structure, there are a number of ways the dam may prove useful. Sediment deposits from upstream could be used to enrich the soil in which Creekbed’s economically-important ferns grow. Water might be collected from the resulting reservoir. The dam could additionally serve as a safer bridge into the colony when the log is slippery due to rain.


“If nothing else,” King Adam said regarding the project, “the construction of this dam will demonstrate our sovereignty over this beautiful parcel of land.” He further noted the possibility of American attacks on the dam, which may complicate this great experiment in manipulating wild waters.

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