Frexico claims earlier roots in White Mountain, but will consider ceasefire

FREXICO – An interview conducted earlier today with Emperor Christopher Housel of Frexico provided a rare look into the minds of the Frexicans who have overtaken the St. Charlian territory of White Mountain. Most information regarding this uneasy diplomatic situation has up until now come from political leaders in St. Charlie, with Überstadt National News being the first micronational news source to interview Emperor Christopher.

The emperor, who initiated contact with our reporter on his own accord, agreed to provide answers to questions that he consented to have published. He confirmed the presence of his troops in White Mountain, and when asked to explain why the decision to invade was made, he replied saying, “Frexicans have occupied the area of White Mountain since before the creation of the Frexican or Kozucian [sic] states.” He went on to claim that Frexicans had explored and lived around White Mountain long before the Kozuc claim to the area.

When asked why negotiation with St. Charlian diplomats had not been considered before a declaration of war, the emperor replied that he had not known at the time of the invasion that Kozuc was in fact a Federation of St. Charlie. He then stated that he believed that negotiation with his country’s opponents seemed unlikely, but he said that he would consider declaring a ceasefire to begin negotiations.

The dispute over White Mountain, an area of parkland in Monterey County, CA, which now appears to have roots dating to before the introduction of micronationalism to the region, flared up early this week when Frexican troops entered the territory following a declaration of war.  The Reinhardt administration is expected to attempt to find a peaceful solution to the issue.

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