On the Sector: Kozuc compromise

The Federal Republic of St. Charlie has a problem right now, and that problem is the Federation of Kozuc. The Kozuc issue is a significant one, for it presents the first real threat to St. Charlian union. Kozuc, like the other micronational  groups originating in the Monterey subsector, has historically been politically shaky, and that political shakiness has not stopped during its time in the Federal Republic.

Sôgmô Sörgel, the leader of the State of Sandus, recently published a list of provisions that he believes can help integrate the Kozuc people into mainstream St. Charlian culture, as well as promote political stability in the province. For reference, I summarize his proposals here:

  • Replace Kozuc generals with other St.Charlian generals.
  • Codify the chain of command in both the military and the civilian government and bureaucracy.
  • Create office hours for each office in both St.Charlie and Kozuc and their timezones, to facilitate communication.
  • Make all Kozuc officials  pledge allegiance to the Federal Republic.
  • Make the Kozuc army do constructive and civilian works.
  • Purge citizens of Kozuc, under the authority of the Federal government, who are in Kozuc in name only or only because of the military.
  • No longer engage in wars without the order of the President of St.Charlie.

I fully endorse points 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. They will aid Kozuc’s cooperation with the federal government while simultaneously contributing to cultural integration and the transfer of importance granted by the Kozuc people from military to civilian affairs.  A major issue that still remains, however, is whether to go to such lengths as have been proposed to get the military out of Kozuc. I am of the opinion that such is not necessary.

The solution I propose to the military problem is a compromise. It is without question that Kozuc has a deep military history. Although I neither support nor condone military actions by micronations, I believe that integration into St. Charlie must be balanced with preserving the local culture of new federations. After all, Egtavia was not asked to give up her eggs, and Koss was not asked to give up her national myth. The stability of the union can be preserved by preserving some aspects of the Kozuc military culture. I propose the following points of my own to do this:


  • Enacting all of the Sandum points I endorsed above.
  • Allowing St. Charlian federations to keep small security forces analogous to the National Guard maintained by states of the United States. This will allow at least some continuation of the old Kozuc culture.
  • Having such national guard answer ultimately to the central government, whether the president, prime minister, or cabinet. This will ensure federal supremacy.
  • Having the national guard place a special focus on such projects as outlined by the Sôgmô, aiding the construction of an infrastructure and economy for Kozuc. A Kozuc economy, being strategically located close to two other micronations and whithing easy shipping distance of many others, would make St. Charlie an economic powerhouse. As these projects become completed, civilian positions to continue their maintenance will become necessary, thud allowing thehr military culture to be used to promote the prevalence of civilian power.

I invite the intermicronational community to comment on this compromise proposal, and encourage St. Charlian politicians to consider it.