Court rules against two politicians in royal lawsuit

HAWK CITY – The Crown Court of the Kingdom of Überstadt granted judgment in King Adam’s favor today in a lawsuit against a current Member of Parliament and the head of the Fascist Party, a former legislator. This ruling brings an end to what has been dubbed by Überstadti leaders the Conspiracy Scandal.

David of Edmount, MP and Daniel of Korea were accused by His Majesty of threatening to overthrow him, and in doing so causing him gross distress. Judge Collins of the Crown Court ruled in the king’s favor due to the fact that the defendants failed to respond to the complaint within the allotted period of fifteen days. An injunction was granted that forbids either defendant from attempting any treasonous action. His Majesty’s request for damages was disregarded.

The Conspiracy Scandal began in January, shortly after the defendants had been elected to opposition seats in the First Parliament, which served until April. The defendants allegedly made repeated threats against the king, telling him that he was “going down.”

Criminal charges had previously been brought against the defendants under the Treason Act, but were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. David of Edmount may now possibly face impeachment from Parliament.

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