Being a diplomat (editorial)

There seems to be confusion in the community about what makes a good diplomat, or even about what a diplomat does. Perhaps this will help a few people.

A diplomat is an official representative of a state in international affairs. A diplomat is a negotiator, a messenger, and a communicator. A good diplomat will  reasonably assess issues of importance to their nation’s foreign policy, calmly negotiate issues with foreign governments, and act sensibly in response to developments made in negotiation. Additionally, a responsible representative of a government will focus on issues of tangible importance to their state.

Here are some things a diplomat should not  do:

  • Act rashly. A diplomatic conflict should not become a personal conflict between the messengers of the involved governments. Business should remain strictly professional, and personal grudges should be cast aside during formal discourse.
  • Be rude. A diplomat is an official representative, and is to behave respectfully toward those with whom dialogue is underway. As international negotiators, diplomats need to exercise tact and courtesy.
  • Be nitpicky. Not every single tiny criticism of one’s country is worth a full-blown official response. A good diplomat can tell what is actually important to their state, and act accordingly.
  • Jump to conclusions. To be an effective diplomat, one must be informed of the matter which they are speaking of. Rumors do not constitute facts- do your homework!

I hope this cleared a few things up. Working on internal affairs will always come first, but is is still very important, and must be done right.

2 thoughts on “Being a diplomat (editorial)

  1. And this is why some do not actively post in the news section. If we all did, it would eventually become an international internet flame war. I prefer to remain calm, and do not criticize international events openly, unless I find it necessary to do so.

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